NetDocuments integration now available with Redtail

If you subscribe to both Redtail and NetDocuments, you can now view your client Workspaces from NetDocuments within that contact’s record in Redtail.  Once you’ve set up a client’s Workspace within NetDocuments, the process for establishing that link to their record within Redtail is very straightforward.

First, go to the contact’s record within Redtail.

Next, select Documents from the Contact Overview menu:

On the Contact’s Documents page, click NetDocuments Workspace in the Document Views box:

You will initially see the below:

Click Link Workspace and you’ll receive a dialog to select the Workspace you want to link to your contact record (if you are not currently logged into your NetDocuments account, it will first prompt you for your NetDocs credentials).  In the example dialog below, I’ve already typed in the name of my NetDocuments Workspace that I want to link to the Redtail record I’m within:

Note: the Workspace Name you type must exactly match the name of the Workspace within NetDocuments or you will receive an invalid message after clicking Save Workspace.

After typing in your Workspace Name and clicking Save Workspace, you’ll then have access to that contact’s actual NetDocuments Workspace within your Redtail window, as in the example below:

If you’d prefer to open up the Workspace in a separate window, note the option to do that directly above the Workspace Name.