Webmail: Creating Saved Searches

You can create Saved Searches within Webmail, using lots of different criteria to define the parameters of your search.  As an example, below is a quick look at how you’d set up a Saved Search allowing you to quickly access your Unread Emails.

The first step to begin establishing a Saved Search is to click the Advanced tab next to the search bar at the top of your Webmail:

You’ll then see a new section open up between your Search area at the top and your Inbox at the bottom.  This area is where you can choose the parameters you would like to use to define your search parameters — for our example, a Saved Search to pull up Unread Emails, we’ll click the Status tab:

Note that in our example above, the editable parameters for a Basic Search are displayed by default  — after clicking Status, this area will appear as below:

Now, note that you have a section to check off Statuses for messages that you’d like to include in your Saved Search.  If your only criteria for this search was that the messages to be included should be Unread, you would just check off that Unread box under Status.  You’d then click Save to the right of your Search bar:

You’ll then see a Save Search dialog, where you can name the Saved Search and choose a location within your Folders to make it accessible with one click.  In our example, I’m naming the search “Unread Email” and I’m going to save it as a folder in my Inbox:

Click OK after naming and choosing a location.  You’ll then see the folder is accessible from wherever you saved it in your Webmail’s folder structure:

And that’s all there is to creating a Saved Search for your Unread Email.

You probably noticed in our example above that after we clicked Advanced next to our Search bar that there were multiple tabs you could click on to set your parameters for a Saved Search.  There are really quite a lot of criteria you can work with there, so if you frequently find yourself searching within Webmail, you might explore your options here to see if you can set up Saved Searches for those types of emails you’re generally looking for.