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10 reasons why Redtail CRM may be just the solution you’ve been looking for: Reason #7

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Reason 7 - Integrations

Reason 7 - Integrations - Blog Header

Reason #7:

You need the technologies you use to integrate in meaningful ways so that you can eliminate redundant data entry and errors, streamline your processes, and improve client experience.

The word “integration” has its roots in Latin and means essentially to make into a whole by bringing all parts together. Redtail CRM serves well as a foundational system from which everything else can flow within your organization, but it can’t handle all aspects of your business. As your firm grows, other pieces of a working technology suite will include planning, form-filling, aggregation, risk analysis, and document storage software, just to name a few. While Redtail won’t perform the functions of these other applications, through all of the many integrations we make available you are able to sync data and streamline processes across these other essential tools.

Because Redtail CRM is tailored specifically to the financial services industry, the integrations we offer with other industry solutions don’t require customization and/or the need to bring in expensive consultants to make them work for your business; instead, these integrations were built out with advisors like you in mind. For proposed integrations to be meaningful, they should help you bring all the parts of your business together, and that is always our aim.


Redtail has been committed to integrating deeply and widely with other fintech firms since our founding back in 2003. It’s only through robust integration that you can bring all components of your business together in a way that allows you to ensure cross-platform data accuracy and real-time business data visibility unhindered by siloing. Further, the level of “data confidence” created in your employees as a result of integrations, when they know that they’ll find the same information regardless of the platform from which they access that information, empowers them to focus on their core jobs, while also supporting greater automation of processes.

There’s a lot of automation that can happen that isn’t a replacement of humans but of mind-numbing behavior. ~Stewart Butterfield

As a practical example, let’s consider an Imaging (or Electronic Document Storage) solution that is integrated with Redtail CRM. In addition to the efficiencies in terms of space, back-office, and compliance that paperless document storage creates for your office, integrating an Imaging system with Redtail creates further efficiencies that would be unavailable were Imaging used in a standalone situation. If you need to find a document relating to a client quickly (such as during an unexpected call from the client), your Redtail-Imaging integration will allow you to easily retrieve that document from within the client’s CRM record. No digging through file cabinets and no opening up a separate application to search first for the client and then for their documents. Additionally, multiple users of Redtail CRM across different locations can pull up the same document at the same time if and when that need arises.


Regardless of the type of tech tool you are looking for to assist with a particular business challenge, Redtail likely has an integration with multiple vendors who offer a solution that may meet your needs. Just click one of the links below to learn more about our current integrations for any of these categories of provider:

As you are seeking out tech solutions for your firm, always bear in mind that the better those solutions work together, the better it will be for your business. You’ll spend less time swapping between software, less time worrying about data integrity, and more time focused on your clients and the experience you can provide them. Integrations create efficiencies that are otherwise impossible; creating efficiencies, when time is often the scarcest of your resources, must be viewed not as a luxury, but rather as a necessity, and Redtail CRM has set itself apart in terms of industry integrations over nearly two decades now.

Up next week, Reason #8: Many of your essential technologies feel disconnected from one another and require time consuming interactions with support from many different vendors.

As always, if you have any questions along the way as we address these, you can reach out to our team online or call 800.206.5030. We can’t wait to get to know you and your business better and to show you why Redtail is an industry leader committed to your success!

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