Updates on our fostering project with Front Street Animal Shelter - City of Sacramento

Redtail recently began fostering dogs from Sacramento's Front Street Animal Shelter and we wanted to give you updates on our two latest fostering situations.

We're thrilled to report success stories for these adorable pooches. We still haven’t been able to make adoptions outside the walls of our office, because once these precious babies make their way through those Redtail doors, they are met by employees cooing and loving on them.

image004.jpg Auzi was fostered by one of our employees, David Apodaca. After a little health scare, Auzi returned to his fun-loving, energetic self. He loves to go on walks, play, and perform tricks such as fetch, sit, lay, wait, and jump. Auzi’s personality couldn't be any more perfect. He doesn’t whine, yelp or bark and, even during teething, has not chewed up anything other than his dog toys. 

He won the hearts of a few of our employees and quickly became a pup we couldn’t bear to see leave our office. A little shy around new people, we asked another employee, Hayley, to work on getting some pics and a bio put together for Auzi’s adoption announcement. Well, that’s all it took. While taking the pictures and writing about how adorable he is, Hayley fell in love.

With a little introduction to her home over the weekend, Auzi make quite an impact on Hayley’s husband and catered to the curiosity of his new feline family. He instantly became part of Hayley’s family and found his forever home along with a new name, Malcolm. 


image005.jpg Izzie didn’t even set a paw into our office (literally) without every employee here going nuts over her. The moment her foster father, Charlie, brought her in, she went from one employee’s arms to the next. This little bundle of love stayed true to a vision of how puppies should act; she slept, snuggled, slept, ate, slept, gave kisses, slept, played by bouncing around and then would get tuckered out and, you guessed it, sleep some more. She didn’t care where she passed out, settling on anything or anyone. 

Other office pups whined because they couldn’t wait to see and check her out. After her shots she was able to meet the other office dogs and, even though some are much bigger than her, she loved playing and pouncing on them.

Giving lots of kisses and resting in her big bed, Izzie won the heart of one of our employees, Matt. Matt took her home and introduced her to his growing family. She very quickly snuggled her way into the family’s hearts. Her new forever home came with a new name as well, Lucy.

Congrats to Malcolm and Lucy (and to their new families)!