Edie: A Love Story


Meet Edie, the newest foster pup at Redtail.

Edie is as sweet and lovable as they come. She is believed to be 10 months, and still looks like a little puppy. Edie's a glorious mix between American Bulldog, Jack Russell Terrier and Pit, which gives her this adorable kissable face. Her tail HAS NOT STOPPED wagging since she came home with her foster pop, Jonathan Maddock. She is potty trained, great in public, likes playing with the other dogs in our office, loves kisses and loves giving them back. She isn’t too interested in fetch but loves being around people and wants to be where you are. She loves her chew toys and treats and has no problem if you take them out of her mouth. Edie's currently working on her crate training and is great in the office. She’s a 49ers fan, loves her bed and takes frequent naps.

BUT, sorry all, she is not available. Another foster turned into adoption love story is brewing because as soon as she is cleared from her leg injury, she will be a permanent household member in her forever home at the Maddocks.

Check out Front Street Animal Shelter if you're in the Sacramento area and would like to engage in a fostering opportunity of your own. Or, if you live elsewhere, check with your local shelters to see if the perfect pet is just waiting there for you!