Sebastian, the first foster dog in our Atlanta East Coast HQ!



This is Sebastian, a.k.a. Doggy Dog! He’s the first dog to be fostered by a ‘Tailer in our Atlanta East Coast HQ. 

For a puppy just under nine months old, he really is calm and friendly to strangers (though once he’s comfortable with you, he becomes energetic and playful). We are currently training him not to be a jumper in those instances. Sebastian is great with kids, and gets along well with other pets too! He loves to cuddle and play. 

He’s also potty trained and will squeal to let you know when he needs to go outside. Sebastian only eats soft foods currently. He’s teething and has many toys to choose from. He’s displayed no signs of food aggression. In fact he typically sits before receiving his food. 

Sebastian loves his bed and is crate-trainable – he doesn’t mind being in there with the door open, but does prefer to have someone next to him until he falls asleep. He’s also chillaxed during bath time. 

Paul M., who is currently fostering Doggy Dog, takes him to the Atlanta office to work, where the pup is really relaxed. Paul did say that the car rides to and from work are Sebastian’s favorite thing!