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Redtail Technology > News > Integrations > Building your Tech Stack: Redtail’s April 2022 Partner webinars

Building your Tech Stack: Redtail’s April 2022 Partner webinars

Category: Integrations
Building Your Tech Stack webinar image

In April of 2022, our Building Your Tech Stack webinar series will focus on partners in the Advisor Tools category. A description of each partner category along with the partner(s) we focus on in our webinars this month is below.

Advisor Tools

Not all software fits neatly into a traditional fintech category such as financial planning, CRM, investment research, etc. Partners included in the Advisor Tools category may offer advisors anything from AI-based relationship mapping to streamlined meeting prep to student loan analysis to automated scheduling reminders to a host of other functions. Regardless of the function of an advisor tool, integration with your CRM means you are boosting the efficiencies, accuracy, and/or effectiveness of your day-to-day operations.

In an April 5 Building Your Tech Stack webinar with Hubly, our topic is:

Leveraging your Redtail CRM data to trigger a personalized service for each client w/ Hubly

Building Your Tech Stack webinar - Hubly

Are you tired of recording “follow up to-dos” across multiple areas and applications? Do you find yourself digging for client information by running time consuming reports? Come learn how to use Hubly to leverage existing data in Redtail CRM to easily and automatically create personalized follow ups for your team. We will share best practices on how to leverage Tag Groups, Birthdays and Notes in Redtail to trigger actions in Hubly.

Hubly revolutionizes practice management for financial advisory firms by bringing efficient processes, easy client tracking, and team collaboration into a single visual workspace. Integrated with your CRM, Hubly lets advisors be better financial educators, project managers, and accountability partners, enabling advisory firms to scale while keeping all of your clients happy.

Register now for this webinar on April 5 at 10:00 am Pacific.

In an April 19 Building Your Tech Stack webinar with AppointmentReminder, we’ll be considering the below:

Automate appointment reminders and reduce no-shows with Redtail CRM and

Are you tired of clients not showing up for their appointments? Come learn how’s integration allows you to effortlessly remind your clients of their appointment. We will also show you how the system can allow your clients to book an appointment based upon what is available according to your Redtail Calendar. We will share best practices on set up and ongoing use of as well as the Redtail CRM Integration.

Register now for this webinar on April 19 at 10:00 am Pacific.

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