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New integration with Knudge!

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Knudge: Go beyond the planning and make sure all the doing gets done.

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ABOUT Knudge Knudge is the first and only tool specifically focused on helping your clients take action.

Enter tasks for your clients and Knudge will send timely reminders leading up to the due date and continue to send reminders after if specified.

Your clients don’t need to register for Knudge and can simply receive the reminders via email, but if they choose to register or install the app, they can also set preferences for when they’d like to receive reminders, elect to receive push or text notifications, and see a shared to-do-list of assigned tasks as well as a history of all they have accomplished. You can also send informational nudges to share what you have done on their behalf. Clients can ask follow up questions via email or in-app messaging and advisors are notified when tasks are completed.

You can stop chasing down old email chains and stop leaving reminders for yourself to remind your clients. Knudge helps you stay organized and see at a glance, across your client base, what’s been actioned and what is still outstanding.

We can do the best planning in the world, but if we can’t get our clients to take action, then what’s it all worth?

Learn more or request a demo at

WHAT ARE THE INTEGRATION POINTS BETWEEN KNUDGE AND REDTAIL CRM? With this integration Redtail CRM users can easily import their contacts into Knudge or link existing contacts to avoid duplicate data entry. Additionally, Knudge will push notes back into Redtail contact records when new nudges are posted or marked complete.

DETAILS ON INTEGRATION SETUP AND USAGE Redtail’s documentation on this new integration is available here.

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