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27 Jul 2021
integration updates
Updated integration with Zapier!
Category: Integrations
Updates include new Action and Trigger events available within Redtail CRM that you can use with Zapier to connect other web applications.
20 Jul 2021
Cognitive Biases_Feature Image
Redtail’s Director of Training, Rick Williamson, has cognitive bias on his mind
Category: Best Practices recently published Rick Williamson's piece, "Three Cognitive Biases That Could Be Hacking Your Culture". Here, he offers some additional thoughts on the...
16 Jul 2021
Integrations webinar blog header
Best Practice Partner Spotlight – AdvicePay on July 20
Category: Integrations
Join this webinar on July 20 to learn how to expertly handle payments and track client billing preferences with AdvicePay and Redtail CRM.
16 Jul 2021
Redtail CRM updates banner
Release Note Focus: Preferred gender pronouns can now be added to contact records
Category: Release Notes
In Redtail CRM you can now add preferred gender pronouns for contacts within the Basic Information area of their records.
13 Jul 2021
Manage Your CRM – General Options
Manage your CRM: How to customize your Contact Record preferences
Category: Resources
Redtail offers you many opportunities to customize your CRM. Here we’ll look at options for customizing your “Contact Record” preferences.
09 Jul 2021
Best Practices header
Practice Management Takeover with Amanda Jarvis, Senior Business Consultant with Cetera Financial Group, on July 13
Category: Best Practices
Join us as we explore how to successfully segment your clients and set up service offerings. Register now for this webinar with Amanda Jarvis.
08 Jul 2021
Best Practices header
What the pandemic revealed to financial advisors about connecting with their future clients
Category: Best Practices
As we transition to a post-pandemic future, there’s no putting the genie back in the bottle with regard to the service and experience options our clients will expect moving ...
06 Jul 2021
Redtail newsletter
Read Redtail’s July 2021 newsletter
Category: Monthly Newsletter
Read our July newsletter for updates to the Redtail Calendar, Best Paw Forward Photo Challenge winners, info on Managing your CRM, and more . . .
29 Jun 2021
Redtail’s Best Paw Forward Photo Challenge June winner
Category: Culture
We asked for your pup photos for our Best Paw Forward Photo Challenge - and as usual you didn't disappoint! Find out who our June winner was today!
29 Jun 2021
Redtail CRM updates banner
Release Note Focus: new calendar filter
Category: Release Notes
Filter your Redtail CRM Calendar by a word or phrase to quickly pinpoint a specific calendar item or items.