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14 May 2020
integration updates
Updated Integration with TD Ameritrade Institutional’s Veo One!
Category: Integrations
You can now access Veo One's New Account Wizard as well as TDA Announcements from within Redtail CRM, eliminating data entry and saving you time.
14 May 2020
Redtail CRM updates banner
Release Note Focus: Database Lists, Alerts, Search, and a Help Center page
Category: Release Notes
Redtail CRM updates include database list updates, alert sound updates, contact search updates and a new Help Center page.
12 May 2020
CRM as a Component of Crisis Management
Your CRM as a Component of Crisis Management
Category: Best Practices
Crises present an opportunity for you to reveal your character through how you respond. Redtail CRM can be a valuable component of your crisis management response.
12 May 2020
Some good news with Investment News
InvestmentNews and Redtail are teaming up to share Good News from the advisor community
Category: Culture
Redtail's Director of Sales David Mehlhorn talks about the importance of sharing good advisor news in a new campaign with InvestmentNews.
06 May 2020
TacoTech podcast
Our CEO joined the TacoTech podcast for Cinco de Mayo
Category: Culture
Redtail CEO Brian McLaughlin joined Torie Happe and Johnny Sandquist on their TacoTech podcast yesterday to talk about how Redtail is maintaining a strong workplace culture dur...
05 May 2020
Best Practices header
Ready to Adopt Texting? Keep These Dos and Don’ts In Mind
Category: Best Practices
With advisors beginning to text their clients more, it's a good idea to brush up on some texting dos and don'ts in regard to compliance, etiquette, and simplicity for your clie...
01 May 2020
Industry Updates header
Advisor Roundtable 3.0: What’s Working – Advisor Panel on Implementing Tech Integrations
Category: FinTech Industry
The CEO Roundtable, including Redtail CEO Brian McLaughlin, got together for the final discussion in our three-part series. This time, they were joined by top advisors.
30 Apr 2020
Redtail CRM updates banner
Release Note Focus: Workflow, Client Review, and Activity Scheduling Updates
Category: Release Notes
Included in updates we rolled out last night are greater flexibility and control when selecting Workflow Target Dates, Monthly Repeating Activity dates, and Client Review Dates...
27 Apr 2020
Redtail CRM Mobile App
Release Note Focus: Redtail CRM App’s Contact Card Icon Updates
Category: Release Notes
Recent updates to the mobile app provide both visual cues and greater flexibility with regard to icons on display at the top of Contact Cards.
21 Apr 2020
Summer Series
Training from Home Summer Series
Category: Training
We’re excited to officially open registration, free of charge, for our Training From Home Summer Series.