LiveOffice Archiving

LiveOffice. In this age of technology and electronic information, archiving is a best practice for every organization. Whether companies are required to archive for regulatory compliance, e-discovery, mailbox management, business intelligence, disaster recovery, continuity or other needs, cloud-based archiving solutions offer unparalleled flexibility and meet a variety of needs. Comprehensive archiving solutions help solve a number of challenges for businesses, including:
Regulatory Compliance: Meet various federal, state and local regulations, including FRCP, FINRA, SEC, HIPAA, SOX and GLBA • E-Discovery Preparedness: Implement legal holds, respond to e-discovery requests and conduct pre-litigation internal review • Mailbox Management/Storage Management: Save money on storage costs and focus IT resources on key business drivers • Disaster Recovery/Continuity: Protect your data assets with a backup plan and stay productive during downtime • Knowledge Management: Search and retrieve information as needed and mine data for business intelligence.