PreciseFP is the leading client profile builder and forms tool used by financial advisors. Since clients enjoy using PreciseFP thanks to it’s user friendly interface, they will be more willing to provide you with a more complete client profile. Detailed client profiles allow you to meet the DOL/Best Interest Standards. Furthermore, client profile data can be easily shared with your CRM and other financial planning tools, freeing you up from having to enter data yourself.

PreciseFP is also an engagement tool used to create subject-specific forms that solicit feedback from clients and prospects on topics that resonate with them. You can choose from our library of forms created by industry experts, or design your own forms for the unique needs of your clients and prospects. Additionally, clients and prospects use pre-filled forms, further encouraging their engagement on topics that you can “touch” them with throughout the year (e.g. End of year tax planning, Financial goals checkup, Contact information update, and more!)