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Redtail University

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Interested in exclusive, in-depth training at home for free of charge? Check out RTU Online.
RTU Online is a virtual training series presented free of charge over the course of two days that will be offered on multiple occasions.

What is Redtail University?

The Perfect Tool for Building Relationships

The career of a financial professional is enhanced by their usage of the right tools to succeed, and Redtail is there to serve as your most powerful tool in building and managing relationships. A primary aim of RTU is to help offices of all sizes learn how to best operate the tools Redtail puts at their disposal. Through a variety of RTU events, we provide a fun, energetic learning environment to meet the needs and diverse goals of each office. Get ready to put the power in your hands and learn more about Redtail University today!

Check out what we’re all about in this video, then scroll below for dates and sign up!

Strap on your tool belts, because Redtail University is back to help financial professionals from all over the country with the tools and blueprints needed to make you a master builder of client relationships! Featuring two tracks, RTU covers all there is to learn about Redtail CRM, while also highlighting the latest updates and functions in your toolbox. Join our Redtail trainers to have your mind filled with actionable takeaways to maximize your CRM tool usage by attending either our Implement track or our Strategy track.

Recommended for newer users (one year or less), one-person offices, or office staff who live in Redtail, the Implement track is all about the tools you have at your disposal and HOW to implement them in your office life. This is a nuts-and-bolts training that shows how to apply the many areas of Redtail in your business by using concepts, situations, and best practice examples. If you find yourself saying “I don’t know what I don’t know” or “I’m only using 5% of Redtail” or “Where do I run reports again?”, then Implement is the track for you!

Recommended for more seasoned users (two+ years), Office Managers, or Advisors with Staff, the Strategy track focuses on using the entire CRM as a tool, as well as WHEN and WHY to use certain features. While still utilizing the tools in the CRM, Strategy offers more of a framework for how all of the tools within Redtail can be used to strategically tackle common situations. The main approach of Strategy is to show users what Redtail CRM is capable of in their office. If you find yourself having “trouble with practice management”, then check out our Strategy track!

Remember though, there is no wrong class to pick, and we’re confident you’ll gain all types of knowledge to use the power tools at your disposal to build stronger client relationships.

Implementation Agenda
Strategy Agenda

Back for its fourth year, RTU XL takes one of the most popular feedback items from regular Redtail Universities and gives the people what they want: a two-day educational training featuring a steadier pace, additional examples, and more best practices.

For RTU XL, we cover the same topics covered at Redtail University, but we work with the additional time to further build on concepts as well as provide additional applications, examples, and best practices.

XL Strategy Agenda
XL Implementation Agenda

Back by popular demand, RTU Masters is a unique opportunity for you to join other Power Users for a small group, discussion-based, VIP training experience under the roof of Redtail’s headquarters in Sacramento, CA. At RTU Masters, you’ll have the chance to participate and build upon your CRM knowledge with deep-dive Advisor topics such as prospecting, client retention, compliance preparation, and more! Using numerous case studies and industry examples, RTU Masters offers you a chance to not only bring your knowledge to enhance discussions, but to also get high-level education and guidance from our Redtail University Trainers. To top it off, RTU Masters includes exclusive face-to-face time with Redtail Upper Management, Developers, and Staff. This VIP Experience will allow you to interact with more of your Redtail family and includes great food, refreshing drinks, a special evening event, and a healthy portion of industry-specific education to satisfy all your knowledge needs.

PLEASE NOTE: RTU Masters is a course that requires Advanced CRM user knowledge and will not be focusing on basic concepts. For further details on recommended proficiencies, please see the RTU Masters Agenda.

What CRM Knowledge Should I Already Have?

  • CRM Navigation and Functionality
  • Cleaning Up CRM Data
  • Adding CRM Data (Contacts, Notes, Activities, Lists, etc.)
  • Building Templates (Workflows, Mail Merge, Automations)
  • Advanced Searching and Reporting

Attendance will be extremely limited. Further details coming soon.

RTU Online is a virtual training series presented free of charge over the course of two days that will be offered on multiple occasions throughout the year.

We wanted to provide our users in-depth training content similar to our Redtail University live events, but accessible from the safety and comfort of their own homes, offices, patios, or poolsides! This year, we’re helping advisors learn how to utilize their Tools for Building a Better Tomorrow.

Call 800-206-5030 ext. 7 or email:

Please email us if you have any questions about RTU. For upcoming webinars, check our schedule here. For other recorded webinars, videos and training sessions, check our Helpdesk here.

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These presenters are professionals! Both Rick and Curtis were some of the best we have seen for a more technical training.

Craig, RTU Minneapolis Attendee

I learn something new each year at RTU! The private lessons with Hayley have been so helpful for diving (deeper).

Melissa, RTU Denver Attendee

I found the training valuable and insightful. As we are clearly not using Redtail to its full potential at my B/D. I enjoyed the levity as well!

RTU Boston Attendee

2021 RTU Options

At this time, we are offering virtual training series presented free of charge over the course of two days that will be offering on multiple occasions. Please click here for more information about RTU Online.

We will continue to evaluate our in-person RTU options in 2021.

The energy is contagious! Came in thinking I’d basically perfect what I know. Turns out I learned a ton to begin implementing and improving.

RTU Denver Attendee

Need a trainer?

Want to learn more about Redtail? Looking to become a power user? Then check out some of the useful educational training opportunities that we offer to our users!

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