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Redtail’s Best Paw Forward Photo Challenge October winner

Category: Culture

As thoughts begin turning toward the holiday season, we naturally reflect more upon our lives and our loved ones around us, which of course includes thoughts of our beloved pups. It’s truly wonderful for us to see the thankfulness each of you feel for your dogs as evidenced by the photographs you submit for our monthly Best Paw Forward Photo Challenge. Details on this challenge as well as tips for submitting your photos in usable format can be found here.

Hug your people, hug your pets, and keep those photos coming!

The winners you’ll get to know much better during the month of November are:


Dog’ name: Kaylee
Owner: Allyn Hughes
Company: BHJ Wealth Advisors


Runner Up

Dog’s name: Cooper
Owners: Lauren Vickers
Company: FPA Wealth Management


Runner Up

Dog’s name: Sully
Owner: Melissa Cox
Company: Fetterman Investments


Other Contenders

Redtail dog with a headset

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