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Release Note Focus: Redtail CRM App’s Contact Card Icon Updates

Category: Release Notes
Redtail CRM Mobile App

We recently made updates to the mobile app to provide you both visual cues and greater flexibility with regard to the icons on display at the top of Contact Cards within the app.

Beneath a contact’s Name and Profession, you’ll see you have a single-tap option to call, text, email, map, or view website information from the Contact Card:

Redtail Mobile contact card

This holds true for each page of the contact record in the app.

With the new updates: the icons for these Contact Card options are now blue if any contact info is present for the icon in question, meaning if the Call icon is blue, there is at least one phone number listed for the contact. If no phone number is present, the icon would instead be grey (as Web is in this example). If there is only one phone number, tapping that icon will prompt a phone call to the contact. If more than one phone number is present, you’ll see a menu prompting you to select the number you’d like to use:

Redtail app contact card phone options

The same logic holds true for each of these methods of contact (Text, Email, Map, Web).

Redtail dog with a headset

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