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13 Jul 2023
Redtail Blog Feature Graphic - Integration News
New integration with CogniCor!
Category: Integrations
In this new integration, CogniCor's Meeting Assistant enables users to automate manual tasks such as creating agendas, capturing meeting notes, scheduling calls, and more.
10 May 2023
Blog Feature Graphics Speak Updates
Release Note Focus: AI assistant now available in Redtail Speak
Category: Release Notes
Redtail Speak now includes an optional AI Assistant that can generate suggested responses to your incoming text messages.
23 Sep 2022
Redtail Blog Feature Graphic - Integration News
New integration with TIFIN Wealth!
Category: Integrations
This new integration offers the ability to pull in select user lists and associated Portfolio data from Redtail CRM to use within TIFIN Wealth's ecosystem of personalization so...
26 Apr 2022
AI-Powered Prospecting Solution, Catchlight, Integrates with Redtail Technology
Category: Press Release
Catchlight Insights LLC’s new AI-powered growth optimization technology helps advisors quickly uncover their best leads. Catchlight’s newly-announced integration with Redtail T...
21 Jan 2022
Redtail Blog Feature Graphic - Industry Updates
Moore’s Law may be slowing down but wealthtech’s just getting started
Category: FinTech Industry
In an Opinions piece at Financial Planning, Redtail CEO Brian McLaughlin considers how fintech may respond in a world where computing power is perhaps not as limitless as it on...
08 Feb 2021
Integrations webinar blog header
New Partner Spotlight with Tifin on February 10!
Category: Integrations
Join us for a webinar with Tifin on "How new technologies can drive hyper-personalization for the modern advisory firm."
22 Jan 2021
Integrations webinar blog header
Best Practice Partner Webinar with Aidentified on January 26!
Category: Integrations
Relationship Intelligence 2.0 – Accelerate Conversations and Conversions. Register now for this Best Practice Partner Webinar on January 26.
21 Aug 2020
Industry Updates header
Redtail CEO Brian McLaughlin interviewed at the WealthTech Winners Circle Podcast
Category: FinTech Industry
Redtail CEO Brian McLaughlin joined Tim Welsh, president of Nexus Strategy, to talk about Redtail Speak and more.
05 Dec 2019
Redtail Technology's AdvisorComms 2019 Survey graph
Redtail Technology’s AdvisorComms 2019 Survey
Category: Survey
A Survey to better understand how financial advisors and their staff are communicating with clients and prospects.
10 Oct 2019
Redtail AI post
Redtail Engages AI to Boost Advisory Community
Category: Best Practices, New Features
Company CEO Brian McLaughlin, highlights Redtail's A.I. offering and how it will impact advisors and help them improve their businesses.