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04 Mar 2021
Reason 7 - Integrations
10 reasons why Redtail CRM may be just the solution you’ve been looking for: Reason #7
Category: Resources
You need the technologies you use to integrate in meaningful ways so that you can eliminate redundant data entry and errors, streamline your processes, and improve client exper...
12 Oct 2020
integration updates
New integration with 1Wire!
Category: Integrations
Within Redtail, this integration with 1Wire provides Screen Pop for VoIP, Click to Call for VoIP, and Call Logging for VoIP.
02 Oct 2020
Integrations webinar blog header
Best Practice Partner Webinar with Intulse October 6!
Category: Integrations
Intulse VoIP business phone solutions provide you with a flexible, feature-rich communications system on a robust network that can grow and change with your business.
29 Jul 2020
integration updates
New integration with Lightspeed Voice!
Category: Integrations
Lightspeed's integration with Redtail includes a screen pop of the contact on inbound calls, insertion of a note with call duration and who answered it, and a link to the reco...
24 Jun 2020
integration updates
Updated Integration with GoToConnect Powered by Jive!
Category: Integrations
With the updated GoToConnect integration, you can now make any contact a video meeting.