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Tips from Redtail’s Training Team: How to Handle . . . Multiple Rep Codes

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How to Handle Feature

Redtail’s Training Team puts together these “How to Handle” posts in order to make you aware of some of the ways you might use Redtail CRM to assist with processes, events, etc., that are likely to come up for most offices at one point or another.

This one will focus on how you can use multiple rep codes within Redtail CRM to track client activities, etc. For each step in the directions, we’ll provide relevant links from our helpdesk as well as images or gifs in some cases to give you a better idea of what the process looks like within Redtail.


When an office has multiple advisors, it can be difficult for staff to identify who clients belong to. Whether there are junior and senior level advisors, or it’s a single advisor office, it is important to identify to whom clients belong. Designate specific staff members or teams for the various interactions a client has with your firm.


1. Create Servicing and Writing Advisors for all Advisors in the database.

How do I add new Servicing Advisors to my database?
Database Lists and the Contact Record Video

add servicing advisor

2. Add the appropriate Servicing or Writing Advisor to client contact records.

Change the Servicing Advisor for contact records in bulk
Redtail Essentials: Contact Record Video

add servicing advisor to contact

3. If there is more than a two-advisor split on contact records, add Keywords for each advisor instead of, or in addition to, Servicing/Writing Advisor.

Assign Keywords to your contacts in bulk
Redtail Essentials: Contact Record Video

assign keywords

4. Add a User Defined Field for “Rep Code” as a “list of values” type of UDF. Add the various rep codes as value choices within the UDF.

How do I add new User Defined Fields to my database?
Apply a User Defined Field and Value to your contact records in bulk
Redtail Essentials: Contact Record Video

5. Use the Advanced Search to find contacts that have the same Servicing Advisor, Writing Advisor, or Keyword of the advisor’s names.

Advanced Search in Redtail
Redtail Essentials: Advanced Search Video

advanced search

6. View clients with a specific rep code UDF through the Contact User Defined Fields Report.

Contact User Defined Fields Report
Redtail Essentials: Reports Video


By tracking rep codes, or the servicing vs. writing advisor, you can quickly identify the primary contact in an office for a specific client. This helps with the distribution of work within an office, and also gives visibility to additional features like permissions to all users in the database.


Download a PDF version of these instructions below.

As always, if you have any questions you can reach out to our team at or 800.206.5030. We are always happy to help you understand any aspect of Redtail CRM better so that you can better put it to use in your business!

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