Redtail Technology's AdvisorComms 2019 Survey


In September of 2019, Redtail Technology conducted the AdvisorComms 2019 Survey to better understand how financial advisors and their staff are communicating with clients and prospects, and how these communication channel and content choices affect client engagement. Redtail surveyed more than 3,200 wealth management professionals across the United States on the communication challenges they face, perceived client engagement across various channels, and the types of content they are sharing with clients and prospects (as well as their approach to tailoring that content). 

Based on data collected from the survey, Redtail set out to understand:

  • How wealth management professionals are communicating with their clients and whether there are opportunities to scale their practice by incorporating underutilized communication channels:
  • The level of tailored content offices are sharing with their clients and prospects:
  • The challenges faced by advisors with regard to client communication.


Redtail surveyed over 3,200 wealth management employees across the United States, whose firms’ managed client assets ranged from $100 million to more than $1 billion. Among the respondents, the breakdown of roles was as follows:

  • 51.1% administrative employees of financial advisory firms
  • 37.3% financial advisors or financial planners
  • 7.6% leadership of financial advisory firms
  • 1.5% technical support within financial advisory firms 

To gain a better understanding of how firms budgeted for communications, respondents were asked what the majority of their communications budget was being spent on this year. The top five budgeted items, accounting for 90% of all respondents, were as follows: 

  • Upgrading tools, technologies or processes: 33.8%
  • Improving the quality of existing communication assets: 26.3%
  • Engaging more on social media: 13.0%
  • Hiring dedicated staff: 10.6%
  • Launching new communications campaigns: 9.4%


Advisors are largely relying on, or limiting their practices to using, the “traditional” methods of communication with their clients, such as in-person meetings and phone calls:

Firms are confident in both the value and engagement levels of in-person meetings and phone calls.

  • When it comes to generating engagement from clients, in-person meetings (76%) and phone calls (66%) were ranked highest.


  • 97% of respondents viewed in-person meetings as the most valuable form of communication, followed by phone calls at 93%.

Some widely used communications technologies are underutilized or not used at all by respondents

  • Well over half (59%) of respondents are not communicating with clients via video, and only 7% are utilizing video to connect with clients on a regular basis.
  • Nearly 87% of respondents think their clients would like to communicate with them via text, but 29% have a “no client texting” policy within their office. Further, nearly 41% of respondents have not been approved by their BD for texting with their clients.


Advisors are overlooking opportunities to tailor their communications:

22% of respondents indicated their offices do not tailor content to their clients at all. Of those who do:

  • Less than 6% consider any client characteristics outside of age, income, gender or education for the purpose of crafting tailored client content.


  • Nearly half (48%) of respondents do not tailor communication to prospects.


  • Only 52% of respondents indicated they communicate with clients’ families. 

The top communication challenges indicated by respondents largely tracked with our above key findings:

Their top five challenges with client communication are:

  • Customizing communication for different clients – 45%
  • Engaging clients outside of meetings – 40%
  • Producing unique content – 30%
  • Producing consistent content – 28%
  • Client unavailability – 28%


Traditional Communication Channels vs “New” Communication Technologies

While it may be comfortable to rely on tried and true methods of communication such as in-person meetings and phone calls for the majority of client interactions, leveraging technology that is widely embraced by the average consumer, such as video calls and texting, can help advisors navigate around issues like fee compression as they are able to increase their availability and scale their practices more effectively.

Two of the top five communications challenges respondents named were 1) engaging clients outside of meetings and 2) client unavailability. Two of the communications channels (texting and video/remote meetings) respondents currently aren’t utilizing to the fullest potential offer ways to address these challenges.

Our results showed right at half of respondents find text messaging valuable; we can also infer from our results that a large percentage of those rating texting as “Not Valuable” are likely not using texting as a communications channel, as nearly 41% have not been approved for texting by their Broker Dealer. As we’ve seen in numerous studies though, response rates for texts are much higher than those for emails (or phone calls that go unanswered), marking texting as a potential inroad for tackling the challenge of engagement outside of client meetings. After all, 87% of respondents believe their clients want to be able to text with them, but, to this point, that desire is largely not being filled.

Similarly, 59% of respondents are not communicating with their clients via video. If client unavailability is one of their biggest challenges, it’s certainly worth considering video / remote meetings as an offering firms might want to make available, particularly for those with a more geographically diverse client base or in areas or with clients where transportation might sometimes pose difficulties.

Overlooked Opportunities for Tailoring Communications

As we stated in our key findings, less than 6% of respondents consider any client characteristics outside of age, income, gender or education for the purpose of crafting tailored client content. Considering the technologies we know they are using to run their practices, including CRM (which allows them to track virtually unlimited key characteristics about each of their clients and prospects), an opportunity presents itself here both in terms of 1) strengthening client relationships (through more personalized communications to display an advisor’s attention to detail and level of care) and 2) addressing their number one named challenge: customizing communication for different clients.

Further, tailored content that touches upon key characteristics over and above the largely demographic information currently used should also help with the number two top challenge (discussed above), which was engaging clients outside of meetings, and that’s regardless of the communications channel used for delivering more finely tuned tailored content. Both clients and prospects want to feel like they are more than their demographics alone, and communications that reflect their advisor is interacting with them as an individual can bolster their confidence in the relationship.




Both clear cut communication challenges and potential methods of meeting those challenges head-on arose through our examination of the survey results. Encouragingly, 60% of respondents are using their communications budgets for the year to update their tools, technology or processes and/or to improve the quality of their existing communications assets. While the survey didn’t drill down to the granular level about the nature of these updates and improvements, a clear majority of respondents do seem to be budgeting for communications with an awareness they need to either 1) incorporate new communications tools or 2) better use the ones they currently have.


“Due to the nature of the industry, particularly in terms of its regulation, financial services is often significantly slower than others to embrace new communication technologies. That said, we weren’t surprised by how much advisor offices still rely on phone calls and face-to-face meetings; what did surprise us was how little they appear to be incorporating alternate forms of communication that might be better suited for specific types of outreach while also helping them to address some of their biggest challenges. We set out to dig into this divide and came away with what we consider to be a wealth of actionable insights we can share with advisors.

“Our research indicates opportunities abound for offices in terms of scaling their practices and honoring client communication preferences; in many cases it may be as simple as retooling their usage of available communications technologies. Additionally, the results lead us to conclude advisors may not be taking advantage of opportunities to strengthen relationships through more precisely tailored content to clients and prospects. In a competitive market, taking advantage of either of these opportunities should produce dividends.” 

Brian McLaughlin, CEO of Redtail Technology



Congratulations as well to survey participant Jason out of Smithtown, NY, who won the drawing for a $250 Amazon Gift Card.



For more information on the survey findings or if you have any questions about Redtail Technology, please contact Kimberly Beck |

Redtail Engages AI to Boost Advisory Community

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Retriever Cloud for Google is now available!


Redtail CRM subscribers now have true two-way sync capabilities between Redtail and Google. This will allow Redtail users to sync both contacts and activities bi-directionally between the two platforms.

All the details that you should need in order to get started can be found here, where you’ll find instructions for setting up the process as well as information about what is included in the sync for both contacts and activities. We have also posted a FAQ page for Retriever Cloud here.

Additionally, our Training Team will be hosting a webinar to go over setup and usage of Retriever Cloud for Google. You can register for this using the link below (but don't worry - if you can't make it to the live webinar, a recorded version will be available soon):

October 1, 2019 - 10:00 a.m. Pacific

Our Support Team is available to assist you as well with any questions you may have about Retriever Cloud.


Start with a Head Start: Note and Activity Templates Are Going to Save You Some Serious Time!

We've always encouraged advisors to take detailed notes and to track their activities in Redtail CRM. We are glad we can now offer you further efficiencies for both of these common tasks through the introduction of Note and Activity Templates.

Setting up and using these templates will allow you to save your brainpower and your time for focusing on the elements of Notes and Activities that differ (their substance) rather than the elements that remain largely the same.

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Sophie would love to become a part of your family today!


Meet Sophie, the latest in a long line of pups to be fostered by Redtail employees (in this case, Nikki)! Don't let the first few poses fool ya, though. She wants to hop about and play her way into your household!



Sophie knows commands such as "sit", "lay down" and "stay". "Stay" is not her favorite though, as she'd prefer shadowing you as your new best friend rather than just remaining in one place looking gorgeous. She is leash trained, does great with other dogs and children, and remains calm in an office environment, even with our crazy foam rocket wars. She is quite the snuggle bug and would love to be a member of your family!


Check out Front Street Animal Shelter if you’re in the Sacramento area and would like to engage in a fostering opportunity of your own. Or, if you live elsewhere, check with your local shelters to see if the perfect pet is just waiting there for you!



Retriever Cloud for Office 365 is now available!


Redtail CRM subscribers now have true two-way sync capabilities between Redtail and Office 365. This will allow Redtail users to sync both contacts and activities bi-directionally between the two platforms.

All the details that you should need in order to get started can be found here, where you’ll find instructions for setting up the process as well as information about what is included in the sync for both contacts and activities. We have also posted a FAQ page for Retriever Cloud here.

Additionally, our Training Team will be hosting webinars to go over setup and usage of Retriever Cloud for Office 365. You can register for either of those using the links below (but don't worry - if you can't make one of these, a recorded version will be available soon):

April 17, 2019 - 10:00 a.m. Pacific

April 23, 2019 - 10:00 am Pacific

Our Support Team is available to assist you as well with any questions you may have about Retriever Cloud.

Redtail #4 on SourceMedia’s list of Best Fintechs to Work For

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What Your High-Net-Worth Clients Want to Talk to You About

By Brian McLaughlin, CEO, Redtail Technology
Reprinted with permission from the December 17 issue of ThinkAdvisor. © 2018 ALM Media Properties, LLC. Further duplication without permission is prohibited. All rights reserved.

High-net-worth clients and prospects are not a monolithic group, but they do face many of the same challenges when it comes to wealth management and planning. Fortunately, there are technologies available to you that can help them meet those challenges, while also positioning you as a trusted individual and potential advisor for their eventual heirs.

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Sebastian, the first foster dog in our Atlanta East Coast HQ!



This is Sebastian, a.k.a. Doggy Dog! He’s the first dog to be fostered by a ‘Tailer in our Atlanta East Coast HQ. 

For a puppy just under nine months old, he really is calm and friendly to strangers (though once he’s comfortable with you, he becomes energetic and playful). We are currently training him not to be a jumper in those instances. Sebastian is great with kids, and gets along well with other pets too! He loves to cuddle and play. 

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A Tale of Roscoe: The "Perfect" Dog!


For months, Redtail employee David Sipe and his girlfriend Angela had been playing around with the idea of bringing another member into their family while their kids are still young. They knew what kind of dog they wanted: at least a year old, female, medium-sized, energetic but not overwhelmingly so . . . the desired traits list went on from there.

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Redtail's 2018 Gen Tech Survey


In May 2018, Redtail Technology conducted the 2018 Gen Tech Survey to better understand how financial advisors and their staff are using practice management technology solutions. Redtail surveyed more than 2,300 wealth management professionals across the United States on the types of software their firms currently use, how they access information, and how succession planning figures into the future of their practices.

You can learn more about the results of the survey via the links and the infographic below:

Executive Summary

Press Release


Inc. Magazine Unveils Its 37th Annual List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies—the Inc. 5000

For the 6th Time, Redtail Technology Appears on the Inc. 5000, Ranking No. 4436  

NEW YORK, August 15, 2018Inc. magazine today revealed that Redtail Technology is No. 4436 on its 37th annual Inc. 5000, the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. The list represents a unique look at the most successful companies within the American economy’s most dynamic segment—its independent small businesses. Microsoft, Dell, Domino’s Pizza, Pandora, Timberland, LinkedIn, Yelp, Zillow, and many other well-known names gained their first national exposure as honorees on the Inc. 5000. 

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How to Keep Your Firm Running Smoothly During Employee Vacations

By David Mehlhorn, Redtail Technology
Reprinted with permission from the August 12 issue of ThinkAdvisor. © 2018 ALM Media Properties, LLC. Further duplication without permission is prohibited. All rights reserved.


Maintaining a real balance between work and one’s personal life provides real benefits for both employer and employee. For most individuals, some portion of the balance is achieved by taking vacations from work, which means granting time off requests is important for your employees’ overall satisfaction. However, it’s important to also keep in mind the importance of balancing requests against your organization’s needs. How will a given employee’s absence during a specific time frame affect your business? Will tasks and projects fall through the cracks? Will client information, which should have been known, be missed because they weren’t in the office to share it?

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Making a habit of CRM best practices will help your business

By Rick Williamson, Redtail Technology

(originally appeared at InvestmentNews' Outside-IN blog)

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit."

— Will Durant

Most of us struggle to some degree with establishing a work-life balance that yields all of our desired results. In many cases, addressing these struggles is as simple as building habits into our daily routine to eliminate the brainpower and time required to handle processes, which should be almost automatic. Whether it takes 21 days or eight months to establish a repeated action as a habit, if you're looking to change your life by adjusting your circadian rhythm for better mental health or simply make your business marketing easier by segmenting your clients, the important thing is to begin.

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Winners of WealthTech: Brian McLaughlin


Great interview here, with Craig Iskowitz, founder and CEO of Ezra Group, talking to Redtail CEO Brian McLaughlin, in Craig's ongoing Winners of WealthTech series.


The Surprising Data on Text-Message Usage by Advisors and Clients

By Jonathan Maddock, Redtail Technology

(originally appeared at Advisor Perspectives)

As a Millennial, I wasn’t around when email was adopted by the financial services industry, but its trajectory was probably similar to what we are witnessing with text messaging. Long-tenured advisors have told me email adoption was slow as well. Because email is and has been a staple of advisor-client communication for many years, it’s easy to forget the challenges the industry faced during its early days.

From broker-dealer concerns about compliance to worries about home computer usage, adoption took time.

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Meet Jack, Redtail's latest foster pup!


Say hello to Jack, the newest member of our Redtail foster family. Jack is 14 months old, and was at Front Street Animal Shelter for about two months before Dayna, a Redtail employee, fell in love. Dayna said she played with him for over 20 minutes at the shelter and did not want to leave him behind.




Jack loves attention - his tail instantly starts wagging when you walk over to him and he’ll crawl right into your lap for cuddles. Did you say treats? Jack LOVES treats and he will stick his head right into the treat bag looking for more if you let him. He is potty trained, knows the command “Sit”, likes playing tug-of-war, and instantly took to his new Redtail bed. We look forward to having Jack’s sweet personality in our office environment.


Check out Front Street Animal Shelter if you’re in the Sacramento area and would like to engage in a fostering opportunity of your own. Or, if you live elsewhere, check with your local shelters to see if the perfect pet is just waiting there for you!



Redtail is a proud sponsor of the inaugural Front Street Brewfest on June 16th



What do saving shelter pets and drinking the best craft beer have in common? The inaugural Front Street Brewfest on June 16! We’re a proud event partner, dedicated to saving the lives of animals in need, and we want you to help too! Grab tickets today to enjoy unlimited tastings from 40+ local breweries, the best food trucks in the region, free entry to the California Automobile Museum, live music, and more ... all while celebrating a great cause. 

For tickets:

RSVP on Facebook for updates and announcements:


Redtail is a Finalist for two Benzinga Global FinTech Awards

We’re excited to share the news that Benzinga has announced the 2018 finalists for the Global Fintech Awards, naming Redtail Speak and Redtail Technology as finalists in the Best Financial Advisor or Wealth Management Platform and the Best Proprietary Platform or API categories. wsi-imageoptim-2018-Fintech-Badge-Finalist.png

If The Medium is the Message, What Message Are You Sending?


By David Mehlhorn, Redtail Technology

In 1964 Marshall McLuhan introduced the world to his famous formulation, “the medium is the message”. If you’re unfamiliar with McLuhan or his impact on the study of media theory, he argued that the technology (or the medium) used to transfer information changes us over time, as much as or more than the actual messages being transferred via those technologies.

Sound farfetched? Then think about this. One of McLuhan’s arguments in support of his theory was to encourage his audience to consider the transition from oral cultures to print-based ones. In oral cultures, the dominant sense organ (for receiving information) was the ear; once a society has transitioned to print-based, the dominant sense organ (for receiving information) has become the eye. This is a pretty radical transformation of human beings themselves, totally independent of the actual information being presented via either oral or print-based means. 

What does this have to do with client communications for advisors? Quite a lot, actually, as the mediums by which you attempt to communicate with your clients tell them a lot about you before they even digest the content of those communications. 


Successful advisors recognize staying connected with their clients is essential, and successful connections require they be equipped to communicate with clients using the channels their clients prefer. 

So, how is your office doing on this front? Which communication channels are you currently using? Could you create more successful communications with your clients by meeting them in the communications channels where they live? 

I’d argue there should be two primary considerations in regard to medium when reaching out to a client to share or request information:

  • Have they indicated a communication preference to you, either explicitly or by example (how they typically reach out to you)?
  • Which medium is best suited to the content to be delivered?

The above assumes, of course, you’ve established a way to use the communication channels under consideration in a compliant fashion. Outside of this concern though, client preference and a channel’s suitability in context of the message to be delivered are everything. 

As but one example of determining channel suitability, if you need a client to know something immediately, or need some information from them quickly, an email is probably not going to be the best way to go. Hint: a text is absolutely the best way to go in this situation. 


Recent studies tell us 99% of texts get read and get a response within three minutes. According to Constant Contact’s February 2018 numbers, emails, by contrast, are only opened an average of 17.62% of the time across all industries and, if they are responded to at all, it’s highly unlikely to occur within this three-minute timeframe. 

Texting is not just the default medium with the young either. Even those in the 55+ age bracket are texting at a rate of around 500 messages a month, which should prompt the resounding conclusion that the time is NOW to incorporate texting into your communications arsenal in a way that meets regulatory and compliance requirements! 

If you don’t have a compliant means of texting with your clients, you’re going to increasingly find you don’t even have the ante to sit down at the table with them. 


A client’s preference for how you communicate with them should always be taken into consideration, first and foremost. If they’ve told you they always prefer a phone call first, then attempt to call them prior to reaching out using other mediums. To do otherwise is to create doubt in their mind that you’re listening to them about other things as well. 

If a client has indicated they are open to phone calls, emails and/or texts, dependent upon the situation, you should use the medium best suited to the message. Which medium conveys the necessary information in the least disruptive and most effective fashion, while also reaching the recipient via the channel reflective of the message’s urgency? This is the one you should use. And, for many of the types of communication that pass between advisors and clients today, a text works best, as it is both the quickest and the least disruptive method of conveying necessary information. 

In short, if you’re ignoring client preference and channel suitability for the message in question, you’re giving up ground to competing advisors who realize how you say something (the medium) is often just as important as the message itself. 


To learn more about Redtail Speak and how your office can meet clients’ increasing expectation of real-time communication via texting with their advisor, see our video here.

Want to learn more about Redtail? Join us on one of our weekly webinars!



Foster Opportunity - Baylie Needs a Forever Home

IMG_0150__2_.jpeg      29513269_10216241376891507_8457732509708874732_n.jpg
29541502_10216241401572124_7801550102067213548_n.jpg      turnedright.png


Get ready to "ooh" and "aah" because this love bug is too adorable to pass up! Meet Baylie, a precious mix of love and spunk! This little angel LOVES attention. She will sleep on dogs, people, children; as long as you have a lap, she will be on it. Baylie loves to play, give kisses, and snuggle! She is currently working on her potty training, and will let you know when she has to go with a little whine. She doesn’t mind the bath and is most happy when she is around other dogs.

Baylie is currently being fostered and is looking for a loving forever home. Please contact Lisa Formicola at to make arrangements to meet Baylie.

UPDATE 4.9.18: Baylie has found the perfect home with her new human mom, dad, and little sister! She is going to be spoiled rotten and we are so happy to be a part of an amazing ending to this little pup's journey to a forever home!


A Happy Anniversary to Redtail video

Thank you so much to everyone involved in putting this together - it really means everything!

7 things that happened to Brian and Rick on a trip to NYC before, during and after winning the Family Wealth Report Client Communications Award (in the midst of a Major Winter Storm)

1. Dicey travel itinerary:

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rbleave1.png RB1.png

Roxy, Rockin' the Polka Dots, is Redtail's Latest Foster Pup


Redtail welcomed this little princess as our newest foster earlier this week. Say hello to Roxy!

Jesus Chavez here at Redtail was on the search for a puppy. As soon as he heard there was an opportunity at Front Street Animal Shelter he just couldn’t pass it up. Another love at first sight moment took over as he said, “When I saw Roxy, I knew right away I was going to take her home, there was no doubt in my mind.”

Roxy was a stray and was recently placed in the Front Street Shelter. She is about 3 months old, loves to cuddle, is potty-mat trained, calm, and loves all the attention she is getting in the office. Miss Fashionista Roxy, who is just adorable in this purple, polka-dotted dress, will soon be in her forever home for another Foster Fail with Redtail, as Jesus plans on adopting her this Saturday!!

Check out Front Street Animal Shelter if you're in the Sacramento area and would like to engage in a fostering opportunity of your own. Or, if you live elsewhere, check with your local shelters to see if the perfect pet is just waiting there for you!



Edie: A Love Story


Meet Edie, the newest foster pup at Redtail.

Edie is as sweet and lovable as they come. She is believed to be 10 months, and still looks like a little puppy. Edie's a glorious mix between American Bulldog, Jack Russell Terrier and Pit, which gives her this adorable kissable face. Her tail HAS NOT STOPPED wagging since she came home with her foster pop, Jonathan Maddock. She is potty trained, great in public, likes playing with the other dogs in our office, loves kisses and loves giving them back. She isn’t too interested in fetch but loves being around people and wants to be where you are. She loves her chew toys and treats and has no problem if you take them out of her mouth. Edie's currently working on her crate training and is great in the office. She’s a 49ers fan, loves her bed and takes frequent naps.

BUT, sorry all, she is not available. Another foster turned into adoption love story is brewing because as soon as she is cleared from her leg injury, she will be a permanent household member in her forever home at the Maddocks.

Check out Front Street Animal Shelter if you're in the Sacramento area and would like to engage in a fostering opportunity of your own. Or, if you live elsewhere, check with your local shelters to see if the perfect pet is just waiting there for you!



Honey Found a Home! Another Successful Front Street / Redtail Foster-to-Adoption Story!


We have another successful adoption through Front Street! This time it was a family member of a Redtail employee. Kathy Rossow, Krysta’s Mother, fostered and adopted Honey (also known as Sweetie Pie).

Honey is a Jack Russell terrier mix and is a perfect addition to the family! Honey was dropped off at the Front Street Animal Shelter along with her puppies (4 boys and 1 girl) and the daddy, another Jack Russell. She is an amazing Momma dog, and intently took care of her little puppy babies. We are happy to say here that all of her puppies are happy, healthy and adopted into loving homes as well!

Honey is super playful and turns into a pup herself when playing with her squeaker toys. She is truly a dog of fashion and enjoys little warm jackets and sweaters. Treats and lots of attention keep this little love wagging her tail.

Honey loves to take car rides and has been visiting seniors at the care center. Kathy and Honey are a perfect duo and they plan to visit care facilities regularly. Honey is diligently working on her training to be a visiting support dog.

A huge thank you to Front Street for all they do and to Kathy for giving Honey a new life in a loving home, as well as an opportunity to bring joy to the lives of others.



Life is why we walk! What's your reason?

How does Redtail Dog like to stay Healthy For Good? Get up, get moving and enjoy this video we made in partnership with the American Heart Association to promote their Heartwalk campaign! 

Redtail and Front Street Animal Shelter featured on Good Day Sacramento

As many of you may already know, Redtail embarked upon a journey last year with Front Street Animal Shelter to begin fostering dogs in the Sacramento area and to encourage adoption of the many wonderful pups that need to find a loving home.

Yesterday, we were fortunate enough to have Good Day Sacramento and Front Street in our corporate headquarters to discuss the fostering program and how businesses can participate if they are interested. You can view the two segments below (and maybe even get to witness a Redtail Rocket War):


Happy Holidays!


It has been our privilege and our pleasure to work and play with you all this year! We wish you the very best of holidays and a healthy, happy and prosperous 2018!

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