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Modern email interface
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Manage your email better
with Redtail Email

Email is an integral communication channel in modern advisory practices, and Redtail Email Archive and Retention provides financial professionals with a convenient and compliant way to retain, retrieve, and report on email correspondence. As a bonus, historical emails are accessible within client records in Redtail, making these common touchpoints more readily available and easier to find.

As a Redtail Email subscriber, you can choose the type of email account that works best for your needs (POP3, IMAP4, MAPI), use the email platform you desire (Outlook, Mac Mail, Redtail’s Webmail client, etc.), and use Redtail for Email Hosting or have your emails journaled to Redtail from another provider. Flexibility in each of these areas makes Redtail’s email offering one that will work well for most advisors today.


Learn more about Redtail’s Email Hosting and Archiving services and how using one of these services can help your business manage this vital communications channel.

Email Features

Email Correspondence screenshot

For users of Redtail CRM, email correspondence is automatically linked to the appropriate contact record. This provides a simple interface for advisors to view all email activity with a given contact in one place.

Redtail email history screenshot

Specifically built to meet email archiving regulations from SEC Rule 240 (17a-3 and 17a-4).

Redtail email history screenshot
Redtail email storage screenshot

There are no storage limits on mailboxes and no archive restrictions— so you can keep all of your correspondence for as long as you like.

Redtail email settings screenshot

Redtail Email allows flexible use of email accounts. The available IMAP interface provides server-based folders attached to your mailbox, which allows you to access all emails in all subfolders from any computer with internet access. You can set your email account up within Outlook as a MAPI account, which offers more functionality than POP or IMAP accounts, including the ability to sync not only email but calendars and contacts as well.

Redtail email settings screenshot
Redtail email filter screenshot

All messaging that you receive or send through your mailbox is automatically archived into two separate data stores to provide complete archive redundancy.

Redtail email webmail platform screenshot

Redtail’s Email Hosting Service provides all subscribers with access to our webmail client, so you can access your email from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

Modern email interface login

Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication, or 2FA, offers an extra layer of protection for online accounts beyond just a username and password. Enabling 2FA on your webmail account with Redtail provides not only account security but also the peace of mind that comes with that.

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What about the Price?

Redtail Plans:

Do you know about Redtail Plans? Learn more here.

$ 10 /month/user
  • Complimentary importing
  • 100% email retention
  • Redtail CRM integration
  • No storage limits
  • Meets and exceeds SEC/FINRA regulations
  • Compliant email hosting/archiving
  • POP3 or IMAP accounts
  • MAPI accounts
  • Webmail client
  • Anti-virus and spam protection
  • Free support
No storage limits