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We’ve been successfully designing CRM solutions—in the cloud!—specifically for financial professionals since 2003! No one else can say that. Automated workflows, an intuitive user interface and integrations galore. That’s working smarter.

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Redtail CRM is cost-effective, easy and tailored to today’s financial pro.

Unlike other CRM solutions, it’s priced per database, allowing up to 15 users, all for the same low monthly subscription.

It’s all about integrations.

You will see services like Morningstar, Riskalyze, LaserApp, Albridge and MoneyGuidePro seamlessly within Redtail.

Free Database Migrations

Switching CRM providers should be easy, so once you activate, we provide complimentary database imports from nearly every major solution provider. Did we mention it’s FREE?

Know Your Client

Detailed tracking of your clients’ data provides more inroads for relevant client “touches.”

Categorize and Tag Records

Sort for easy retrieval, bulk edits and/or niche-based marketing campaigns.


With a wide array of client and account reports at your fingertips, you’ll quickly get at the information you need.

The automated office.

Workflows streamline by generating and tracking activities, while reminders alert you to events like client birthdays, anniversaries and reviews.


Your data is backed up to a secure, offsite location every night, and always available wherever you are.

That famous Redtail service.

You will never be charged to speak with one of our knowledge ninjas, and we offer free webinars, extensive online help docs and the ever-popular traveling Redtail University.

Broadcast emails.

Send bulk messages and attachments to specific groups of clients or prospects.

Seminar management.

Plan and manage your seminars and events from within Redtail CRM, with better seminar reporting than ever!

Custom exporting.

In addition to the modern reports available within Redtail, you can create exports based on data you need at any time.

today interface


Our new interface has streamlined the way you use our CRM. We’ve made it highly intuitive so you can spend less time clicking and more time doing. Everything important is at your fingertips.

Automations interface


Automations make data entry a breeze, allowing you to manipulate your client data based on trigger criteria. Replace the monotony of data entry with Automation, so that you can spend more time focusing on your clients’ needs.

Timeline interface

Contact Timeline

Track every touch with the Contact Record Timeline. Metrics at the top of the page make the most important details available at-a-glance. Easily see a history of activity, notes, accounts, and data changes made by anyone in your database, all on one page.

Activities interface

Activity Management

Advanced activity scheduling lets you customize your activities. Include as many clients, users, and guests as you need so that everyone stays on the same page or add notes to an activity for the whole team to review.

Reports interface


Redtail CRM offers a wide array of client and account reports at your fingertips. Use our standard reports or use your own custom fields to drill down and get the data you need.

Retriever Cloud: Redtail’s new sync tool

Redtail CRM subscribers now have true two-way sync capabilities between Redtail and web-based Office 365, hosted Microsoft Exchange Online and Google. This will allow Redtail users to sync both contacts and activities bi-directionally between the platforms.

Office 365

Microsoft Exchange Online


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