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Speak chat interface
Speak mobile
Speak login

Bridge Communication Gaps Compliantly*
with Redtail Speak

We know you’re looking for ways to solidify your client relationships through more effective engagement and by providing a higher level of service. Redtail’s solution, Speak, offers a compliant* way for you to text message your clients and collaborate with your staff in real-time.

Acknowledging the communication preferences of your clients is a key component of client experience and let’s face it — these days most everyone prefers texting when a text is all that is needed. This is probably why 98% of text messages are opened compared to just 20% of emails. It could also account for why, on average, it takes 90 seconds for someone to respond to a text versus 90 minutes to respond to an email (if the email gets a response at all).

Using Speak, every conversation, message, and document is fully searchable and automatically archived, recorded daily, and sharable with email surveillance providers, offering you a safe, compliance-approved* way to communicate with your clients. Speak also empowers your team to communicate directly with each other by providing team members with access to the same communication threads, which helps to eliminate bottlenecks.

We think Speak will help you overcome many of the biggest challenges advisors face regarding client communication while also freeing up your valuable time for other important client service activities.


Take a quick look at how Redtail Speak works and then imagine the communication efficiencies this tool can bring to your daily operations.

Speak Features

Speak chat interface

Speak, functioning as a chat solution, serves as a collaborative communication platform for advisors and staff.

Speak search feature

Everything that is sent through Speak is automatically archived—everything is searchable. Institution-level searching is also available.*

Speak search feature
Speak attachment feature

Send and receive attachments—images, Office files, etc. View images inline, with no need to download.

Speak team chat interface

Unlimited Team Rooms for group team chats and unlimited direct messaging for one-on-one conversations with other team members.

Speak team chat interface
Speak chat interface

While Redtail Speak was previously available for Redtail CRM users only, it is now available as a standalone solution for those who do not subscribe to Redtail CRM as well.

Speak and Redtail integration

Your Redtail CRM contacts can be automatically synced to your Speak account and your chat history with Redtail contacts will be available inside their contact record in the CRM.

Speak and Redtail integration
Speak mobile

Speak’s mobile app allows you to stay in touch with your clients via text when you are on-the-go!

Speak schedule a message interface

Need to schedule a text or chat message for a later date and/or time? Redtail Speak makes drafting and scheduling messages for later a breeze.

Speak schedule a message interface
Speak broadcast message

With this new feature, advisors can send an identical text message to multiple clients at once (broadcast messages are sent individually to each contact). Similarly, they can also now invite multiple clients at the same time to accept text messages from them moving forward.

Speak template interface

With Redtail Speak you can set up text/chat message templates to streamline creation of messages your office tends to send on an ongoing basis. Then, personalize those message templates to suit your individual needs when you use them.

Speak template interface
Speak out-of-office message interface

Set up out-of-office replies to automatically send in response to client messages if you know you won’t be available for a certain period. You can also set the date/time for your out-of-office message to clear.

Incoming Text Messages in speak

While everyone you engage with via text using Speak must receive and accept a Speak Invite Message from you, your clients and prospects can now initiate that process by sending a message to the telephone number you’ve designated as your Speak number.

Incoming Text Messages in speak
Set up Call Forwarding in Speak

If you have a Pro-level subscription to Redtail Speak, you now have access to Call Forwarding. This means that you can set your Speak account up so that if one of your recipients attempts to call the telephone number assigned to your Speak account, their phone call will be routed instead to the phone number you’ve indicated in your settings, since Speak numbers will only receive texts.

Communicate with your clients

At Redtail we knew there had to be a way to make it easier and more efficient for you to communicate with your clients. At the same time, we understood that security and compliance had to be baked in to take that worry off your plate. With that in mind, we rolled out Redtail SPEAK, the first-of-its-kind integrated messaging platform, purpose-built for advisors and their clients, in late 2017. In 2022, we unleashed Speak from Redtail CRM, making it available to all who would like to take advantage of the streamlined and compliant communication it makes possible.

What about the Price?


Pricing changes coming with new Redtail Plans effective June 9th. Learn more here.

$ 20 a month
  • $0.10 per text message

Suggested usage: This tier is recommended for offices that are brand new to text messaging and don’t plan on sending many texts or those who are primarily interested in Speak’s chat feature.

$ 30 a month
  • All the features of Starter
  • 500 text messages a month included
  • $0.10 per text message for each message over 500

Suggested usage: Will add later

Most Popular
$ 50 a month
  • All the features of Starter
  • Call Forwarding
  • 1000 text messages a month included
  • $0.08 per text message for each message over 1000

Suggested usage: This tier is recommended for offices who intend to make heavy use of texting.

Best Value

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*Subject to your BD’s approval