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Communicate Smarter
with Redtail Speak

We know that you’re looking for ways to solidify your client relationships through more effective engagement and by providing a higher level of service. Redtail’s solution, Speak, offers a compliant way for you to text message your clients and collaborate with your staff in real-time.

Using Speak, every conversation, message, and document is fully searchable and automatically archived, recorded daily, and sharable with email surveillance providers, offering you a safe, compliance-approved way to communicate with your clients. Speak also empowers your team to communicate directly with each other, without ever leaving Redtail CRM, by providing team members with access to the same communication threads, which helps to eliminate bottlenecks.

We think Speak will help you overcome many of the biggest challenges advisors face in regard to client communication while also freeing up your valuable time for other valuable client service activities.


Take a quick look at how Redtail Speak works and then imagine the communication efficiencies this tool can bring to your daily operations.

Speak Features

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Speak, functioning as a chat solution within the CRM, serves as a collaborative communication platform for advisors and staff.

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Everything that is sent through Speak is automatically archived—everything is searchable. Institution-level searching is also available.

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Send and receive attachments—images, Office files, etc. View images inline, with no need to download.

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Unlimited Public Rooms for group team chats and unlimited private Team Rooms for one-on-one conversations with other team members

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Message delivery confirmation, Client Rooms, secure texting to clients, chat history with clients linked to their contact record (and accessible with one click), and the ability to customize invitation message to clients.

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Integrated with Riskalyze (Risk Numbers), full emoji support, and a mobile app to stay in touch with your clients via text when you are on-the-go!

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Redtail Speak Fuse awards

Speak has won accolades from conception to its latest iteration, and continues to wow advisors and their clients daily. “We saw a big uptick in messaging when the stock market took a dip and advisors were talking the client off the edge…that’s what we intended the platform for—rapid communication. It has done exactly what we expected it to.”
—Brian McLaughlin, Redtail CEO

Communicate with your clients

At Redtail we knew there had to be a way to make it easier and more efficient for you to communicate with your clients. At the same time, we understood that security and compliance had to be baked in to take that worry off of your plate. With that in mind, we recently introduced Redtail SPEAK, the first-of-its-kind integrated messaging platform, purpose-built for advisors and their clients.

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What about the Price

$ 79 /month per database
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Embedded within your CRM
  • Communicate with clients via text and with staff via chat
  • Client communication is tied to their contact record
  • Secure, encrypted and compliant—subject to your BD’s approval
  • Everything sent through Speak is automatically archived, and everything is searchable
  • Institution-level searching is also available.
  • Send and receive attachments, which are viewable inline.
  • Integrated with Riskalyze (Risk Numbers)

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