Redtail Imaging

Let us help you take control of your documents.

Image Access

Using predefined folders in each user’s isolated storage, we offer full access to archived images.

Image Retention Policy

Providing a zero-loss, no-time-limit retention policy to guarantee the complete retention of images, regardless of time.

Audit Trails

Our Imaging service builds and maintains a complete audit trail of all interactions between the user and the system.


Backups of archived images can be easily accessed to recover lost data in the event of an emergency.


All communications between the client browser and the Redtail Imaging servers are transmitted using the latest 256-bit SSL encryption.

WORM Storage

Redtail Imaging meets the SEC 17a-(4) Record Retention requirements by automatically burning all additions and changes by users to WORM media.


Reduce clutter, easily upload and retrieve client information, and link uploaded images to your Redtail CRM Contact Record. Rest easy, knowing our SEC-compliant solution will be as reliable as your four-legged best friend.


Track every touch with the Contact Record Timeline. Metrics at the top of the page make the most important details available at-a-glance. Easily see a history of activity, notes, accounts, and data changes made by anyone in your database, all on one page.


Keep track of the details of your uploaded content via our Imaging reporting tools. Check to see what’s being added, how much storage you’re using, and view your activity over time. Use the History Logs to see every action on all folders and images, so you can easily identify how your Imaging database is being used and by whom.