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Redtail Technology > Redtail Advisor Hero: Dianne Webb
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I wanted to help women in transition, those going through divorce, widowhood and other life changes.”

Dianne M. Webb

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Dianne M. Webb

Not all heroes wear capes.

Some, like financial advisor Dianne Webb, CFP®, EA, CDFA®, rock business clothes.

Dianne shows her heroism through her work and how she puts her family and clients first. Dianne infuses Stonebridge Financial Planning with her drive to lift others up.

“When my youngest turned ten,” Dianne says, “I was able to earn my CFP® and other licenses and designations to become a financial planner. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to help women in transition, those going through divorce, widowhood and other life changes.”

The work can be challenging but extremely rewarding: “We get a lot of referrals from friends, clients and other professionals because they know our firm has special training in this area. The divorced and widowed clients are similar in their needs – they both need to reset their financial world. However, with divorce work you can do a bit of preparation. It is much more difficult with widows. Very few want to talk about the impending death and the needed preparations.”

Dianne pauses, then says, “Both groups usually come into our office an emotional mess, a puddle, but to help them understand, grow, learn and become more confident in their finances… it’s a privilege to be a part of the process.”

Dianne M. Webb, CFP®, EA, CDFA®
Stonebridge Financial Planning Group, LLC
Winter Park, FL

  • AUM 145MM
  • 60% of Stonebridge clients fit the women-in-transition category
  • 40% are traditional family units
  • 80% live in the Orlando area, but the firm has clients all over the country
  • The firm is women-led and operated
Dianne M. Webb

Giving & participating are a constant

Our clients have an office full of advocates who are aware of their needs and their story

As a way to give back, Stonebridge Financial Planning shapes its philanthropic endeavors around the passions championed by clients. “We try to do things that our clients are involved in,” explains Dianne. “We have a client whose adult daughter died of brain cancer; her brother started a 5k fundraiser run in our area, so we sponsor and participate in that every year. The city of Winter Park is in a very artsy community, so we sponsor the Autumn Art Festival and the Shakespeare Theater. We have several clients that are involved with groups that work with the homeless, so we have food and backpack drives ongoing. We try to support our clients through the causes they are also involved with.

“Our clients have an office full of advocates who are aware of their needs and their story,” notes Dianne. “We have a handful of clients who regularly stop by our offices for a cup of coffee just because they want to see us!”

Dianne’s favorite success story centers around a family in transition. “This particular client had been with us 15 years. The last few years we noticed some diminished mental capacity. So, with permission from the client, we started involving her daughter to help her with her finances. From there, the relationship grew, until the long-standing client passed away just a few weeks ago. At the service, her daughter walked up to one of our staff and said, ‘I just want you guys to know that you’re more like family to us than financial planners’”.

When Dianne graduated from college with her Finance degree, her first interview was with a large wirehouse for a stock analyst position. “The guy interviewing me just laughed at me. I didn’t know any women in the business to get advice from.” She didn’t let that stop her. After working for a missionary organization for 16 years and raising children, Dianne earned her designations and jumped in.

One of my heroes is my mom

“One of my heroes is my mom,” she says. “Her whole life, she wanted to be a nurse. She pretty much did what I did, or rather I did what she did. When I got older, she went back to school and earned her Nursing degree, graduating college after I did. She didn’t let age stop her. That helped me know that I could go out after raising a family and do something challenging and be successful. I’m so grateful that I had that example of courage to lead the way. Hopefully, at Stonebridge, we are leading the way for others as well.”

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