Rarely Asked Questions

If you are a Redtail user and have any questions about the CRM or our other products, please try our Helpdesk page. However sometimes (rarely) we get other questions…

Is Redtail named after a hawk or an air squadron, or what?

Redtail was named after CEO Brian McLaughlin’s red-tailed golden retriever, Tucker Me Out McLaughlin, in 2003.

What's with the dogs?

Since Redtail was named after the boss’s red-tailed golden retriever, we thought a dog would make for a good logo. We bring our dogs to work and feel that they symbolize our values: work/fun balance and loyalty to our core users—you!

I hear you at Redtail get to bring your dogs to work. What are their names?

Give or take quite a few, we’ve got: Abby Jo, Aster, Bailey, Bauer, Baxter, Bella, Bubba, BobMarley, Bruno, Cali, Canelo, Charlie, Chloe, Circe, Custo, Dallas, Dash, Delilah, Dexter, Duke, Edie, Ellie, Fred, Fluffy the Mystery Dog, Goomba, Gus, Hemi, Isabella, Jack, Jake, Jet McLaughlin, JoJo, Keita, Koda, Kody, Leela, Libby, Link, Lucy, Malcolm, Mia, Miller, Molly, Mugsy, Oakley, Obi, Oscar, Otis, Penny, Phoebe, Piper, Rajah, Remi, Romeo, Rosie-the-Nosy, Roxy, Ruthie, Sadie, Sammy, SarahBelle, Shayla, Sophie, Stark, Ted, Teddy, Titan, Toby, Watson and Zeus. We do not bring our cats, snakes or tarantulas to work.

I have a real question! Who do I talk to?

We have resources! You can call 800.206.5030, email sales@redtailtechnology.com, support@redtailtechnology.com or check out any of the tutorials, webinars or documentation available on our Helpdesk.