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Redtail Technology > Terms of Use > 6.9.23 Email Addendum

Redtail Email Addendum


This Product Addendum governs your use of the Redtail Email product. The Terms are hereby incorporated by reference. Redtail Email provides a convenient and compliant way to retain, retrieve and report on email correspondences (the “EMAIL Product”). When utilized in conjunction with our Redtail IMAGING Service, the EMAIL Product can save records in accordance with requirements under Rule 17a-4 under the Exchange Act, whether the broker-dealer has elected the WORM alternative or the audit-trail alternative.

Provision of EMAIL Product.
We shall make a subscription of the EMAIL Product available to you subject to the terms of this Product Addendum and the Terms. Your subscription is for your use only and cannot be shared or used by anyone else. We may suspend or terminate your access to the EMAIL Product immediately without any liability, upon notice to you, if in our sole judgment you have violated the terms of this addendum, the Terms, the Privacy Policy, or the DPA. We may also suspend or terminate your use of the EMAIL Product, or condition your continued use on additional terms communicated to you, in the event your continued use, in our sole judgment, poses an undue or disproportionate burden on the EMAIL Product, our systems, or our networks. We may modify the functionality of the EMAIL Product. By purchasing the EMAIL Product you understand and acknowledge that your use of the EMAIL Product is subject to your own regulatory and compliance oversight and, potentially, the regulatory and compliance oversight and requirements of your Firm.

Public Email Domains.
You understand that to limit the access of your data to you and to those to whom you have given permission to access it, you may not use a public email domain (i.e., an email domain that is generally available for any member of the public to join) for the SPEAK Product. If you were to use a public email domain for the SPEAK Product, any other individuals also using that public email domain in connection with the SPEAK Product would have access to your data. For your protection, in the event that you use a public email domain for the SPEAK Product, or if We reasonably believe that you are using a public email domain in your SPEAK Product Account, We may deactivate your Account and/or terminate this addendum without notice, which may result in the deletion of your data.

Service Performance.
Depending on factors such as your equipment, internet connection and Redtail’s efforts to maintain the performance and integrity of its Service, you may occasionally experience delays in uploading or syncing content on EMAIL Product.

Tracking and Analysis.
We may track and analyze your use of the EMAIL Product for the purpose of helping Us improve both the EMAIL Product and your experience in using the EMAIL Product. We may disclose such data about Your use of the EMAIL Product (“Usage Statistics”) to third parties for the purpose of assisting Us in such tracking and analysis, or as required by law; We will not disclose such Usage Statistics to third parties for any other purpose. Except when required by law, in disclosing Usage Statistics to a third party, We will make such Usage Statistics anonymous so as to not disclose your identity to such third party.