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Redtail Technology > Terms of Use > 1.10.24 CRM Addendum

Redtail CRM Addendum

This Product Addendum governs your use of the Redtail CRM product, including the Redtail CRM Launch and Redtail CRM Growth offerings. The Terms are hereby incorporated by reference.  Redtail’s CRM provides financial providers with a seamless and tailored CRM solution, including automatic processes to maintain workflow and trail accountability, reporting and tracking client data capabilities, and calendar planning functionality (the “CRM Product”).

Redtail CRM Launch.
If you purchase the CRM Launch Plan, you will receive bundled access to Redtail’s basic CRM functionalities for up to five (5) Users on your Account, CRM document storage with up to 5GB of storage per User on the Account, and access to certain Service offerings made available through Redtail’s affiliate, Orion Advisor Technology, LLC (“Orion Advisor Tech”) (including the Orion Advisor Tech Client Portal, stress test risk scoring, proposal generation and new account opening tools). Access to the Orion Advisor Tech tools is subject to the Orion Advisor Tech Product Addendum (available here).

Redtail CRM Growth.
If you purchase the CRM Growth Plan, you will receive bundled access to Redtail’s premium CRM tools for unlimited Users on your Account, access to the Redtail Imaging Service, access to the Redtail Speak Service, and email/calendar syncing functionality (feature coming soon). Additionally, you will receive access to certain Service offerings made available through Orion Advisor Tech (including the Orion Planning, proposal generation and new account opening tools, Orion Advisor Tech Client Portal, stress test risk scoring, 3D Risk Profile, and Orion’s behavioral finance tools). Access to the Orion Advisor Tech tools, the Redtail Imaging Service, and the Redtail Speak Service are subject, respectively, to the Orion Advisor Tech Product Addendum (available here), the Redtail Imaging Product Addendum (available here), and the Redtail Speak Product Addendum (available here).

A comparison of the CRM Product functionalities available between the Redtail CRM Launch Plan and the Redtail CRM Growth Plan is below:

CRM addendum chart

Provision of CRM Product.
We shall make a subscription of the CRM Product available to you subject to the terms of this Product Addendum and the Terms. Your subscription is for your use only and cannot be shared or used by anyone else. We may suspend or terminate your access to the CRM Product immediately without any liability, upon notice to you, if in our sole judgment you have violated the terms of this addendum, the Terms, the Privacy Policy, or the DPA. We may also suspend or terminate your use of the CRM Product, or condition your continued use on additional terms communicated to you, in the event your continued use, in our sole judgment, poses an undue or disproportionate burden on the CRM Product, our systems, or our networks. We may modify the functionality of the CRM Product and its application programming interface at any time in our sole discretion.

Suite Sync (Email, Calendar, and Contact Syncing).
Customers of the Redtail CRM Growth offering will have access to our Suite Sync functionality, enabling you to enhance your workflow by integrating key aspects of your business – email history, calendars, and contacts. The Redtail Suite Sync can simplify the way you manage and stay connected across your platforms and tools.

  • Email History SyncRedtail CRM Growth Plan Customers will be able to experience a unified view of their email history directly within Redtail CRM. With Email History Sync, all your emails sent and received through your email provider* accounts are accessible in your CRM’s email history without the need to switch back and forth between platforms.
  • Calendar Sync Redtail CRM Growth Plan Customers will be able to manage their schedule across their different platform calendars. With Calendar Sync, you will have the ability to create, update, and manage activities in your email provider* calendars, or your Redtail CRM calendar, and get the advantage of seamless bi-directional synchronization across those calendars. Any changes you make will be reflected across all linked calendars.
  • Contact Sync – Redtail CRM Growth Customers will be able to keep their contact list up to date without manual work across their platforms. By adding a contact into your email provider*, the Contact Sync functionality is triggered ensuring that the information flows into your Redtail CRM contacts and vice versa. Fields such as First Name, Last Name, Primarily Email, Primary Phone Number, and Primary Address synchronize automatically across platforms, ensuring that your data remains consistent.

*Functionality available with respect to email providers approved and compatible with the Suite Sync, as communicated to Customer by Redtail from time to time.

The Redtail Suite Sync is powered by Nylas, Inc. and by using such functionality, Customer understands and agrees to the sharing of information required by the tool with such provider and/or Customer’s email providers for the purpose of providing the Service.

Tracking and Analysis.
We may track and analyze your use of the CRM Product for the purpose of helping Us improve both the CRM Product and your experience in using the CRM Product. We may disclose such data about Your use of the CRM Product (“Usage Statistics”) to third parties for the purpose of assisting Us in such tracking and analysis, or as required by law; We will not disclose such Usage Statistics to third parties for any other purpose. Except when required by law, in disclosing Usage Statistics to a third party, We will make such Usage Statistics anonymous so as to not disclose your identity to such third party.