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Snappy Kraken

Marketing unleashed with Redtail and Snappy Kraken
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Serve your clients, Expand relationships, and Grow your business through Redtail’s Partnership with Snappy Kraken.

Redtail has partnered with Snappy Kraken to provide an integrated, marketing platform that includes an automation platform, compliance workflow, and custom content created by the Orion Be-Fi team that is only available to Redtail subscribers.

As we found in our own 2019 AdvisorComms Survey of more than 3,200 wealth management professionals across the United States, 22% of respondents indicated their offices do not tailor marketing content to their clients at all. More telling, of the respondents who do, less than 6% consider any client characteristics outside of age, income, gender or education for the purpose of crafting tailored client content. Putting it bluntly, generic content that doesn’t take anything into account other than basic demographic info is unlikely to move the needle much in terms of an advisor’s prospecting or client engagement efforts.

 To ease these challenges and support the growing marketing needs of financial advisors, Redtail and Snappy Kraken are excited to partner to provide a solution designed to be effective at nurturing prospective, new, and existing relationships.


Snappy Kraken offers a way for you to market to your prospects and clients on an ongoing basis with pre-built marketing campaigns targeting specific stages of the client lifecycle.


Please note that Snappy Kraken is an independent entity and not affiliated with Orion or Redtail. Contracts and agreements are to be directly negotiated and signed with Snappy Kraken.

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