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05 Feb 2020
celebrate your clients
Are You Planning to Celebrate Your Clients in 2020? – Part 1
Category: Best Practices
Look for ways you can build relationships through the things your clients hold close. It's a proven way to separate yourself from the pack.
31 Jan 2020
moneyinmotion feature
New Integration with Aidentified’s platform!
Category: Integrations
Details on Aidentified's MoneyinMotion and their new integration with Redtail CRM are now available.
30 Jan 2020
MAUI features
New Integration with Infovisa!
Category: Integrations
We are pleased to announce the integration between Redtail CRM and Infovisa's MAUI product, which is the engine of their trust accounting platform.
29 Jan 2020
Timeline integration illustration
New Integration with Timeline!
Category: Integrations
We are excited to announce an integration with Timeline, a fintech company that provides advisors with next-generation retirement income software.
27 Jan 2020
Brian and Aaron
An Intimate Conversation With Riskalyze And Redtail CEOs
Category: Integrations
We hope you'll enjoy this intimate conversation between Aaron Klein, Riskalyze's CEO, and Brian McLaughlin, Redtail's CEO.
17 Jan 2020
Dog-friendly workplace
Science Backs up the Benefits of Dog-Friendly Work Environments
Category: Culture
American Banker had a recent piece featuring Redtail that highlights some of the scientific studies that support the value of a dog-friendly work environment.
15 Jan 2020
Kimberly Beck Redtail Technology
WealthTech Marketers Share Names, Different Perspectives On A Changing Industry
Category: FinTech Industry
Redtail's Marketing Coordinator Kimberly Beck just happens to share that name with the Head of Wealth Marketing at Envestnet, Kimberly Beck.
08 Jan 2020
Advisor Hero Announcement
Redtail Advisor Heroes
Category: Advisor Hero
We are very excited to announce the kickoff of our #advisorhero campaign, where we have the wonderful opportunity to share the stories of advisors or offices who are inspiring ...
05 Dec 2019
Redtail Technology's AdvisorComms 2019 Survey graph
Redtail Technology’s AdvisorComms 2019 Survey
Category: Survey
A Survey to better understand how financial advisors and their staff are communicating with clients and prospects.
10 Oct 2019
Redtail AI post
Redtail Engages AI to Boost Advisory Community
Category: Best Practices, New Features
Company CEO Brian McLaughlin, highlights Redtail's A.I. offering and how it will impact advisors and help them improve their businesses.