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02 Feb 2021
integration updates
New integration with Knudge!
Category: Integrations
Import or link your Redtail clients to your Knudge account and send notes back to their records in Redtail when nudges are posted or completed.
21 Jan 2021
integration updates
New integration with Max For Advisors!
Category: Integrations
Send your Redtail clients to Max to initiate the account opening process for each of them within Max for Advisors.
04 Dec 2020
integration updates
New integration with FinFolio!
Category: Integrations
This integration bi-directionally syncs clients, notes, tasks, investment accounts and positions with values, based upon your preferences.
28 Aug 2020
integration updates
New integration with Hubly!
Category: Integrations
This Hubly integration with Redtail CRM includes bi-directional contact sync and the use of tag groups to add contacts to Hubly workflows.
30 Jun 2020
integration updates
New integration with LeadTinker!
Category: Integrations
LeadTinker offers a plugin for Wordpress that will allow you to send contact form leads from your Wordpress site to Redtail CRM as contacts.
25 Feb 2020
CRM Toolkit Series 2020
Redtail’s CRM Toolkit Series 2020: An Introduction
Category: Best Practices
Over the course of our Redtail CRM Toolkit 2020 Series, we hope to be able to help you address challenges in your business in 2020 and beyond.
31 Jan 2020
moneyinmotion feature
New Integration with Aidentified’s platform!
Category: Integrations
Details on Aidentified's MoneyinMotion and their new integration with Redtail CRM are now available.