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Tailwag 2.0

Category: Press Release

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the changes you’ll find greeting you in Tailwag v.2.0 when you login to your CRM on February 9, 2017. Bear in mind that these are just some of the more significant updates and that you’ll find much more to make your working life easier as you dig into everyday usage in Tailwag v.2.0.​

“Today’s Overview” is now “Today”

That’s right – Today’s Overview is now, simply, Today. The aim is to increase efficiencies and put your most pressing items directly in front of you upon login. Everything you’re used to seeing here will still be accessible from your tabs along the top of the page, just as Market News, Reminders and Accounts have been in the past.

Contact Overview – One look is all you need

More important information about your clients and prospects than ever is now accessible directly from their Overview page. Their Timeline has been moved to a page within their record to make their Activities, Notes, Keywords, UDFs, IDs, etc., immediately available upon entering a contact record.

Notes – view what you want

Notes now display in a more uniform fashion and Note Comments are hidden unless you click to view. These changes make scanning your notes easier and load times much swifter.

Calendaring made easier

Bolder fonts and a revamped print Calendar make tracking your activities easier both online and off.

Roles – simplify Workflow Task assignments

We recognize that every office has team members serving specific Roles for clients. You’ll now be able to assign the Role of Advisor, Associate Advisor or CSA to your database users for individual contacts. Further, you’ll be able to assign Workflow Tasks to Roles rather than strictly to Users or Teams. Since different staff members may serve the same role for different clients, this allows you to attach Workflow templates with no fear that tasks won’t be assigned accurately.


All reports now offer both PDF and Excel options. PDF reports are now easier to read. Of particular note, the Confidential Profile Form has been revamped to serve as a printout you can provide clients to gather up-to-date information. You’ll also find a new Last Note report that you can run for selected clients, allowing you to catch a bird’s eye view of multiple clients in one report.

Speed and performance gains, as always, a key driver of updates

With each new version of Redtail CRM, we strive to improve performance and speed in order that your office can realize even greater efficiencies. With Tailwag v.2.0, we’re confident you’ll notice some dramatic improvements spread throughout the application.

Activity adding/editing streamlined

Linking contacts and attendees is quicker and the Activity Details page has been modified for easier viewing/interaction.

Watch this recorded session where we cover the best new features and why it’s time for YOU to finally switch over to the latest version of the CRM. We hope you are as excited as we are about these updates and we look forward to rolling out more enhancements in the near future. If any questions arise, please do not hesitate to contact our support team to assist you.

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