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AI-Powered Prospecting Solution, Catchlight, Integrates with Redtail Technology

Category: Press Release

BOSTON, April 19, 2022 /BUSINESS WIRE/ (original press release here) — It has never been more important for financial advisors to find new business and connect with people who need a financial advisor’s help. Catchlight Insights LLC’s new AI-powered growth optimization technology helps advisors quickly uncover their best leads. Catchlight’s newly-announced integration with Redtail Technology, a leading provider of client relationship management (CRM) solutions for financial services firms, makes it easy for advisors to understand and prioritize their roster of potential clients.

Created in Fidelity Labs, the software incubator for Fidelity Investments, Catchlight uses institutional data partners and analysis of 100,000+ successful conversions to find the leads who are most likely to need an advisor’s guidance. Catchlight’s analytics let advisors combine information with action. The data engine can also suggest pitches based on turnkey segments, life events, and interests.

Catchlight is available for advisors on an early access basis, with a full launch coming on May 2. Advisors attending the 2022 T3 Advisor Conference, May 2-4 in Dallas, Texas, can experience a first-hand demonstration of Catchlight’s capabilities by visiting Booth 811 in the Exhibit Hall. Advisors can also contact Catchlight to set up one-on-one virtual demos.

Catchlight’s integration with Redtail is designed to seamlessly import an advisor’s leads into Catchlight, saving valuable time, eliminating manual data entry and enabling advisors to quickly interact with the enriched data. Early access users like Tim Gardner of Chatham Retirement Partners have already taken advantage of the integration to invigorate their pipeline of new business.

“As an independent advisor and solo practitioner, marketing dollars and time are precious commodities,” Gardner said. “Catchlight and its Redtail integration help me continually evaluate my list of leads and zero in on the people who fit our target profile. In a matter of seconds, I was able to pull from the data within my CRM and get started with powerful intelligence from Catchlight.”

As Catchlight prepares to launch later this quarter, its developers are building integrations with leading wealthtech providers and platforms. In the future, Catchlight’s connection with Redtail will allow it to export data analysis from Catchlight directly into Redtail’s CRM.

“We chose Redtail as our first integration partner due to their strong adoption in the advisor community, as well as by popular request from our joint users,” said Yelena Melamed, co-founder and head of product at Catchlight. “Redtail understands the success that is possible for advisors and their clients when useful data is at their fingertips.”

“CRM holds and provides the golden source of truth to advisors via their client data,” said Brian McLaughlin, Redtail Technology’s Chief Executive Officer. “Catchlight’s data engine could allow for greater prospecting for advisors and I’m excited to see an analytic, data-driven approach become an essential part of every advisor’s business. I look forward to building on our collaboration with Catchlight in the future.”

About Catchlight

Founded in 2020, Catchlight AI is dedicated to helping advisors be more efficient in their outreach, personalize their approach, and be increasingly effective in converting leads to new clients. Through rich data intelligence and proprietary AI powered insights for sales and marketing, Catchlight pinpoints an advisor’s best opportunities. Catchlight helps advisors quickly identify which leads to pitch and how to best engage them. For more information, visit or email at © 2022 Catchlight Insights LLC. All rights reserved.

About Redtail Technology

Founded in 2003, Redtail Technology is a leading provider of web-based Client Relationship Management (CRM), compliant text messaging solutions (Redtail Speak), paperless office, and email archiving solutions in the financial services industry. The company is dedicated to helping advisors efficiently grow their firms by providing them with the core technologies that drive their day-to-day operations, offering low cost and easy to implement applications and integrating with many of the industry’s most widely used applications. As a pioneer in the financial technology industry, Redtail is committed to providing advisors exceptional customer service and strives to contribute in meaningful ways to its local communities in California, Arizona, and Georgia. For more information, visit


Mark Grandstaff
Gregory FCA for Catchlight Insights LLC.

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StreetCred for Redtail Technology