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Redtail Technology > News > Integrations > Best Practice Partner Spotlight: Hubly on March 23

Best Practice Partner Spotlight: Hubly on March 23

Category: Integrations
Integrations webinar blog header

Best Practice Partner Spotlight: Hubly

ABOUT this webinar
Topic: Best Practice Partner Spotlight: Hubly
Description: “Stop Letting Your Client Service Fall Through the Cracks w/ Hubly & Redtail”

Our Best Practice Partner webinars provide you an opportunity to either 1) familiarize yourself with tech solutions you may not currently be using that could benefit your office or 2) take away valuable insights about how you can best utilize the integration points between Redtail and other solutions providers you currently use.

Afraid you’re forgetting something? Hate audits? Alleviate that fear and learn how Hubly & Redtail can help you automate your client service records to make it a breeze! Join us as we teach you how to use tag groups in Redtail to automate Hubly’s workflows and to simplify the tracking process with notes.

What is Hubly?

“We’re on a mission to empower financial service professionals with better enablement technologies and tools that make it possible to scale their services and processes.

Our team wakes up every day to make the lives of Financial Advisors easier and ensure that more families can access comprehensive financial planning and advice.

We love working with RIAs, Hybrid RIAs, and Broker-Dealer Firms that:

  • Are ambitious and hungry for growth
  • Strive to exceed their clients’ expectations
  • Are the quarterbacks to their clients’ holistic financial lives
  • Provide upfront comprehensive financial planning
  • Are working to scale a repeatable client experience”

Register now for this webinar on March 23 at 11 am Pacific.

WHAT ARE THE INTEGRATION POINTS BETWEEN HUBLY AND REDTAIL CRM? This integration allows advisors and their teams to sync client data across platforms so that they can get up and running in Hubly with a single click. Redtail users can now access their full list of clients and begin adding them into Hubly workflows without needing to rekey any information. In addition to being able to create new Redtail client records, users can also create and edit Redtail tag groups right through Hubly. In Hubly, Tags can be used to add groups of clients into workflows, personalize workflow task-lists (by applying task conditions), and save time with automation (by setting up workflow rules).

DETAILS ON INTEGRATION SETUP AND USAGE Redtail’s documentation on this integration is available here.

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