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Redtail Technology > News > Integrations > Building your Tech Stack: Redtail’s March 2022 Partner webinars

Building your Tech Stack: Redtail’s March 2022 Partner webinars

Category: Integrations
Building Your Tech Stack webinar image

In March of 2022, our Building Your Tech Stack webinar series will focus on partners in the Portfolio Management/Custodian and Voice Dictation categories. A description of each partner category along with the partner(s) we focus on in our webinars this month is below.

Portfolio Management and Custodians

We call our integrations with both portfolio management tools and custodians “Account Feeds”. An account feed typically sends account information to Redtail CRM once a day, allowing you to find important account information associated with your clients within the Accounts area of their Contact Record. With that information fed over to Redtail CRM, you can better utilize our Risk Analysis, Investment Research, and Financial Planning tool integrations as well.

In a March 1 Building Your Tech Stack webinar with CircleBlack, our topic is:

Integrating CircleBlack and Redtail CRM to improve efficiencies and focus

Building Your Tech Stack webinar - CircleBlack

As advisors work to grow their practice, one of the greatest needs is time. Time to deepen current client relationships. Time to invest in acquiring new clients. Time to focus on revenue generating activities. The integration between CircleBlack and Redtail gives advisors back that valuable time. Join this webinar to learn more about CircleBlack, a sophisticated portfolio management and reporting solution that allows advisors to access, edit, & update information that sits across multiple technology platforms, all from one place, reducing time spent navigating multiple systems and freeing up time more to spend deepening relationships with clients. Understand how the single sign-on integration between Redtail and CircleBlack allows advisors to have data flow easily between their portfolio management solution and their CRM.

Register now for this webinar on March 1 at 10:00 am Pacific.


In a March 15 Building Your Tech Stack webinar with Onramp Invest, we’ll be considering the below:

Cryptoassets in Your CRM with Onramp Invest & Redtail CRM

Building Your Tech Stack webinar - Onramp-Invest

Cryptoassets are here to stay. Investors, both young and old want advice from their financial advisor about them. Onramp provides financial advisors with the means to do so and Redtail empowers them to be as productive as possible while doing it. Join Tyrone Ross, CEO of Onramp Invest and Austin Johnson, of Redtail CRM for a live conversation where we’ll review the state of cryptoassets in the world of financial advice and discuss our first integration together, available to all Onramp and Redtail users.Onramp Invest is a comprehensive cryptoasset management solution allowing financial advisors to help their clients safely, confidently, and intelligently invest in the new age. With Onramp, financial advisors receive robust education materials, access to cryptoassets, and the tools to manage them in a safe, secure, and efficient way. It’s where cryptoassets and financial advice merge.

Register now for this webinar on March 15 at 10:00 am Pacific.


Voice Dictation Tools

Voice Dictation tools offer advisors incredibly efficient ways to securely and accurately add notes and/or activities to Redtail CRM with no typing involved (other than a few clicks after those dictated items have been sent over to Redtail). In some cases, these tools also offer default or customizable templates for the various types of dictations you use the service for, allowing you better structure and organize your notes prior to their delivery to Redtail.

In short, integrating your Voice Dictation tool with Redtail CRM offers your office a streamlined way of adding notes to your CRM while the information is still fresh on your mind, as you can speak them while driving to your next meeting, walking down the street to pick up lunch, etc.

In a March 22 Building Your Tech Stack webinar with CopyTalk, our topic is:

Best Practice Partner Spotlight with Copytalk and Redtail

Building Your Tech Stack webinar - CopyTalk

Join us for a conversation with Copytalk, the most prominent transcription service engineered to meet the financial-service industry’s uniquely rigorous standard of accuracy and privacy. In this webinar, we will share best practices for recording dictated client-meeting notes as well as the preparation and delivery of transcriptions. We will also show use cases for Copytalker™ – an on-screen button that allows users to click and dictate from inside Redtail CRM.

Register now for this webinar on March 22 at 10:00 am Pacific.

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