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Redtail Technology > News > Integrations > Building your Tech Stack: Redtail’s November 2022 Partner webinars

Building your Tech Stack: Redtail’s November 2022 Partner webinars

Category: Integrations
Building Your Tech Stack webinar image

In November of 2022, our Building Your Tech Stack webinar series will focus on partners in the Advisor Tools and Marketing categories. A description of each partner category along with the partner(s) we focus on in our webinars this month is below.

Advisor Tools

Not all software fits neatly into a traditional fintech category such as financial planning, CRM, investment research, etc. Partners included in the Advisor Tools category may offer advisors anything from AI-based relationship mapping to streamlined meeting prep to student loan analysis to automated scheduling reminders to a host of other functions. Regardless of the function of an advisor tool, integration with your CRM means you are boosting the efficiencies, accuracy, and/or effectiveness of your day-to-day operations.

In a November 15th Building Your Tech Stack webinar with TimeLyft, we’ll be considering the below:

Tracking Time Spent on Clients with TimeLyft and Redtail CRM

Building Your Tech Stack webinar - TimeLyft

As an advisor, it is important to know how much time is being allocated to your clients. Come learn how to track your time using TimeLyft. We will share best practices on how to track time spent on contacts as well as on retrieving that data from Redtail CRM using our shared integration.

TimeLyft offers Time & Productivity Management Software For Advisors and Firms.

Register now for this webinar on November 15th at 10:00 am Pacific.


Marketing software

Marketing software is available to assist you with getting your marketing messaging out, regardless of the channel you are hoping to share your message in. There are website-building platforms; email marketing solutions; digital marketing platforms; social media monitoring, scheduling, and engagement software; lead capture software; tools for producing podcasts; and the list could go on and on and on. The bottom line is you have a message to share, and there are solutions available to assist you with sharing it in the right time at the right place.

Integrating each of your marketing tools with Redtail CRM means you will likely be able to streamline many of the steps commonly associated with getting your marketing message out to your clients and prospects.

In a November 9th webinar with Orion, our topic is:

Introducing Redtail Campaigns: Your Virtual Marketer Backed by the Industry’s Best CRM

RC Product Release_Web

Introducing Redtail Campaigns, the industry’s first CRM-centric advisor marketing suite.

Join Jake Leise, Director, OrionProspect, and Ricky Williamson, Director of Training at Redtail, for the first look at this industry-leading marketing platform tool made for financial advisors. Redtail Campaigns builds upon Orion’s legacy Market*r tool, empowering advisors and firms to drive new business and deepen client relationships through hyper-personalized marketing campaigns launched right from their CRM dashboard.

Together, Orion and Redtail are transforming the way advisors grow their business through a cohesive, tech-driven experience designed to connect every stage of the advisor-client journey.

Register now for this webinar on November 9 at 11:00 am Pacific.


In a November 22nd Building Your Tech Stack webinar with AdvisorStream, our topic is:

How to Drive Growth with AdvisorStream’s Scroll-Stopping Marketing

Building Your Tech Stack webinar - AdvisorStream

Join Redtail & AdvisorStream to learn how to drive clicks into clients with world-class content marketing.

In this session you will learn how to:
• Stand out with timely investor-focused communications
• Spark conversations with highly engaging and personalized content
• Save time with powerful automations and integrations with Redtail
• Uncover AUM with AI-powered insights about clients and prospects

Register now for this webinar on November 22 at 10:00 am Pacific.




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