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Leadership Lessons From ‘Zombieland’: Know Yourself and Your True Strengths

Category: Best Practices
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Our Director of Training, Rick Williamson, recently had a piece published at that considers one of the most important rules from the film Zombieland and how that rule can be applied by advisors to help them overcome some cognitive biases that many of us fall prey to. You can read that piece here:

Leadership Lessons From Zombieland: Know Yourself and Your True Strengths

This certainly isn’t the first time Rick has shared his thoughts on either Zombieland or on cognitive biases. If you’d like to read another piece on cognitive biases he penned for last year, you can read that here:

Three Cognitive Biases That Could Be Hacking Your Culture

Or, if Zombieland is your jam, you can view Rick’s presentation from last year’s Fearless Investing Summit here:

Rules for Advisors to Survive Zombieland

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