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Redtail Technology > News > Integrations > New integration with Bento Engine!

New integration with Bento Engine!

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Bento Engine: Helping Advisors deepen client relationships and convert more prospects by providing proactive and impactful advice.

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ABOUT Bento Engine “Bento’s mission is to bring more and better advice beyond investing to more families across the wealth spectrum, via their Financial Advisors, so that families thrive and Advisors’ practices grow.

To achieve this mission, Bento helps Advisors build deeper client relationships and convert more prospects by leading with advice for meaningful, proactive engagement. Bento connects with your Redtail CRM through a proven Application Programming Interface (API) to identify advice opportunities and deliver relevant content back through the Redtail CRM to the Advisor.

Leading with advice is proven to result in better client outcomes and Advisor business growth.


Bento Advice Packages are designed to support the advisor in providing advice to their client or prospect. These Advice Packages comes in the form of a clickable Bento Alert (which shows up as a Redtail task), triggered by Bento’s scanning your database for upcoming Bento Advice Opportunities.

The Bento Alerts follow the same structure across all life events or age milestones:

  • The introduction of the current Bento Advice Opportunity for this client/prospect
  • Why this Bento Advice Opportunity might be relevant for this client/prospect
  • Links to compliance pre-approved materials that make up the Bento Advice Package
  • A summary of best practices
  • A summary of monetizable solutions that might be of relevance to the client/prospect

DETAILS ON INTEGRATION SETUP AND USAGE Redtail’s documentation on this new integration is available here.

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