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Redtail Technology > News > Integrations > New integration with TagInbox!

New integration with TagInbox!

Category: Integrations
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ABOUT TagInbox: “Collaboration overload can significantly hinder productivity. TagInbox assists companies in countering this with innovative technology solutions.

TagInbox’s premier web app is meticulously crafted for financial professional firms aiming to overcome the challenges of email overload. TagInbox enables these firms to boost their staff’s efficiency by drastically reducing the time spent on email management, while also ensuring that no client request is overlooked. Our intuitive platform streamlines communication, promoting a more efficient, organized, and responsive email environment.”


Terminology: TagInbox uses Client Rooms to organize and coordinate handling of client emails across the firm. Redtail Family maps to a Client Room. Each contact in Family maps to a client user in the Client Room. Redtail contacts, without Family association, also map to a Client Room, with the contact as the sole client user.

For example, if “Jones Family” has “Jack Jones” and “Jill Jones” in Redtail, that will correspond to the “Jones Family” Client Room, with Jack and Jill as client users in that room. Email addresses and phone numbers for Jack and Jill will be copied to TagInbox client user records.

Minimal Redtail data used: TagInbox uses Redtail family names, member lists, and contact information for the members. For each Redtail contact, TagInbox uses name, email addresses, and phone numbers. Details such as date of birth or Social Security numbers are not used by TagInbox.

User-initiated synchronization, not continuous: Redtail integration is used on demand for creating rooms in bulk. TagInbox users would do this during the initial onboarding and periodically to handle new contacts. TagInbox does not automatically connect to Redtail and synchronize. It only does that when users take action to create rooms in bulk.

DETAILS ON INTEGRATION SETUP AND USAGE Redtail’s documentation on this new integration is available here.


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