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Redtail Technology > News > Integrations > New integration with The Perfect RIA (Invictus)!

New integration with The Perfect RIA (Invictus)!

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The Perfect RIA (Invictus): “Why We Started The Perfect RIA? To Dramatically Change How Advisors Deliver Massive Value to Clients”

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ABOUT The Perfect RIA “The Perfect RIA shows Advisors EXACTLY how they can Deliver Massive Value to their clients during every client interaction.

The Perfect RIA’s Toolkit provides advisors with proprietary value adds that Advisors can white label and use during their client meetings. 

The functionality you have been waiting for in financial planning tools:·

  • GuardRails: Answer client questions like, “how much money can I take out of retirement savings?”
  • Buckets Report: show clients what investments they will start drawing money from when the time comes to take distributions.
  • Beneficiary Reports: what your heirs will actually inherit (in $ not %); a quick review of all beneficiary designations to ensure they’re accurate; review missing beneficiaries and take action to update them.
  • 1099 Tax Letter Checklist: ensure your clients know exactly what they should be expecting to receive each tax year from your custodian.
  • Coming Soon! Tax Calculator for ROTH Conversions. Help clients develop a 5 – 10 year tax plan so they can move more money into tax-free accounts when possible.
  • Coming Soon! Net Worth Report. Wonder if you know about all of your client’s assets? We bet you don’t. When we rolled out OUR uniquely designed net worth report we found millions of dollars that clients had “forgotten” to mention.

Oh and one more thing… instead of just giving you access to a bunch of reports that you will have NO IDEA how to deliver effectively – we show you.

Membership in The Perfect RIA provides advisors and their team with educational training on how to deliver the value adds for maximum effectiveness. The training also empowers you to answer follow-up questions clients may have.

All value add reports provided in The Perfect RIA’s toolkit have been tested through hundreds of client households to ensure they are capable of delivering massive value BEFORE you have access to them. Matthew Jarvis CFP® and Micah Shilanski CFP®, founders of The Perfect RIA, develop and test each value add in the tool kit to work out the kinks and effectiveness before you have access to the reports. 

The Perfect RIA has revolutionized the way that Financial Advisors have thought about running their practices by coaching them on how to:

1. Deliver Massive Value.
2. Spend More Time Out of the Office with Family.
3. Build a Highly Profitable Practice.

What started as a podcast, by Micah Shilanski CFP®, and Matthew Jarvis CFP®, has grown to a company offering lifestyle coaching and sharing tons of valuable resources to help other financial advisors improve their lives and their practices. The Perfect RIA team also offers custom value software specifically for financial advisors. The INVICTUS toolkit was made to help financial advisors generate internal and client-based value adds with a click of a button.


Integration points include the ability to sync your pertinent Household, Contact, Account, and Beneficiary data from Redtail CRM into the Invictus tool kit to allow easy generation of value adds for clients

DETAILS ON INTEGRATION SETUP AND USAGE Redtail’s documentation on this new integration is available here.

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