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Redtail Volunteer Days at Front Street Animal Shelter

Category: Animal Foster Care

Over the past few months, Redtail employees have enjoyed volunteering at Front Street Animal Shelter in honor of various national pet holidays. These holidays have been created both to support the care of pets as well as to raise awareness of the mistreatment of animals, all while advocating the important part each of us can play in animal rescue.

This month, we decided to volunteer in honor of “Adopt a Shelter Pet Day”. Animal rescue is a topic we are extremely passionate about and we will continue to encourage our team and those around us to adopt and foster pets if their circumstances allow. We care so deeply for our own pups & pets and wanted to find a way to share our love with the four legged friends that are still waiting to be accepted into their forever homes.

If you’re looking to grow your family, consider visiting a shelter in your area! You may stumble upon a new best friend and will potentially be saving a life!

January Volunteer Day, in honor of
Change a Pet’s Life Day

February Volunteer Day, in honor of
Dog Training Education Month

March Volunteer Day, in honor of
National Puppy Day

April Volunteer Day, in honor of
Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

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