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Redtail’s Best Paw Forward Photo Challenge July winner

Category: Culture

The Dog Days of Summer may be drawing to a close, but Redtail’s Best Paw Forward Photo Challenge continues on, looking for fresh furry faces to grace our CRM login screens. Details on this challenge as well as tips for submitting your photos in usable format can be found here.

We can’t wait for your dog to be the next one we fall for!

And now, though the lead changed paws several times over the course of voting, our favorites for the month of July are:


Dog’s name: Cooper
Owner: Suzanne Schaub
Company: Vision Wealth


Runner Up

Dogs’s name: Chessie
Owner: Debbie Doyle
Company: Partnership Wealth Management


Runner Up

Dog’s name: Emmi
Owner: Kristin Moniz
Company: Premier Wealth Advisors


Other Contenders

Redtail dog with a headset

Posted by: Redtail Technology
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