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Redtail’s Best Paw Forward Photo Challenge March winner

Category: Culture

Before we get to our winner, we did want to remind you that we’ll continue accepting submissions throughout the year, and instructions for submissions are available here. We did update these instructions since they were originally posted to provide you with a little more detail about the types of photos that we would be able to convert to a Redtail login page (because if they won’t work for that, we can’t include them during the judging process).

Our March entries were so strong that, in the end, we decided to pick a winner and two runners-up, each of which will be featured on the CRM login page during the month of April. And now, without further ado, our winner and runners-up are:


Dog’s name: Sandy
Owner: Mark Beaver
Company: Keeler & Nadler Family Wealth


Runner Up

Dog’s name: Kona
Owner: Christina Foster
Company: Riskalyze


Runner Up

Dog’s name: Willow
Owner: Gary Hager
Company: Integrated Wealth Management


Other Contenders

Redtail dog with a headset

Posted by: Redtail Technology
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