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Release Note Focus: AI chat assistant auto-complete in Redtail Speak

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Type Less, Say More!

In May 2023, we introduced an AI chat assistant feature for Redtail Speak, which let you streamline your communication process by suggesting suitable replies to your incoming messages. Today, we’re excited to introduce an all-new auto-complete enhancement to Speak’s AI assistant. Here’s how it works: Just start writing your new message; the AI assistant will give suggestions to complete the message, and you can hit TAB to accept. Let the Speak AI chat assistant finish your sentence for you, making your conversations quicker and more efficient. And because this new tool reviews your conversation and suggests text based on the 10 most recent messages in a room, Redtail Speak’s AI chat assistant ensures context-aware responses that align perfectly with your ongoing conversation.

By building on the foundation of the AI assistant, Redtail Speak’s new auto-complete function can help you take your client communication to the next level, allowing you to breeze through chats, reference past discussions effortlessly, and streamline your messaging process. With this enhancement, Redtail Speak’s AI chat assistant is your ultimate solution for having smart and efficient conversations with clients and prospects — try it now and experience the future of effortless communication at your fingertips.

Redtail Speak AI Chat Assistant Autocomplete

The AI chat assistant integration is a third-party integration driven by OpenAI, L.L.C. or their affiliates (“OpenAI”), allowing for integrated access to the OpenAI services, including ChatGPT functionality. Redtail Speak users are able to turn the integration on or off at their discretion.

Instructions for enabling the AI assistant at the database and user level, as well as more detail on usage, can be found here.


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