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Release Note Focus: Database Lists, Alerts, Search, and a Help Center page

Category: Release Notes
Redtail CRM updates banner

Highlights from the updates we rolled out last night include:

Quicker Contact Search and record access

When using the Search contacts box (next to the Redtail logo on the top left of every screen of Redtail CRM), you’ll now see options that match what you’ve typed in the Search box displayed in a dropdown menu. This allows you one-click access directly to their contact record.

contact search


Database List updates

Two updates to be aware of here. First, you can now add custom Account Asset Types and Account Tax Qualified Types to your database.

Next, when deleting a list item from one of your Database Lists (e.g., Contact Categories, Account Types, Activity Types, etc.), you now have the option to apply a new list value for all contact records to which the soon-to-be-deleted list item was previously applied:


delete database list item


New Alert Sounds

Redtail has long offered the preference option for an Alert Sound to coincide with the visual alerts that pop up in your CRM for upcoming activities. Today, we introduced quite a few new audible options to choose from that you can check out in your Notification Option Preferences.


Redtail CRM Alert Sounds

Help Center

We’ve added a page within your CRM that gives you easy access to all of our Help resources. Quick links to these individual resources were previously accessible (and will remain accessible) under the “?” icon in your navigation menu – but, you can now access a Help Center page explaining each of the resources a little further via a link in the same menu where you access Manage Your Account, Manage Your Integrations, etc.

Redtail Help Center

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