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Release Note Focus: new calendar filter

Category: Release Notes
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Filter events on your calendar to find what you’re looking for quickly

A “filter events” box has been added to the Redtail Calendar that will allow you to quickly and easily search the subject, description, linked contacts, and location fields for all items on your current view of your Calendar:

filter events
As an example, let’s look at the below Weekly View of a calendar:

week view

Let’s say we know we have a review call with Lisa Simpson this week, but we want to quickly find it without going to her contact record (or looking at all the reviews on the calendar for the week). Were we to type in her name in the “Filter events” box, we might see the below:

filtered calendar

As you can see in the example above, all Calendar items other than those containing Lisa’s name have now been grayed out, making those items that mention her easy to pick out and act upon.

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