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Release Note Focus: Preferred gender pronouns can now be added to contact records

Category: Release Notes
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You can now add an individual’s preferred gender pronoun in order to reflect that person’s gender identity

Preferred gender pronouns will display within the Basic Information area of a contact’s record:

preferred gender pronoun

You can add preferred gender pronouns during a contact’s creation within your CRM or you can edit an exiting record to add these. If you’re editing an existing record, just click the “Edit Basic Info” icon in their Basic Information area:

edit basic info

You’ll then see an area where you can edit all of the contact’s basic information, including their preferred gender pronouns:

edit preferred pronouns

From there, begin typing each pronoun you’d like to add (individually) and make each selection as you see it:

add he

After selecting a pronoun, you’ll see it show up to the right of that selection box:

he added

Continue making selections until you’ve added each pronoun you were looking for:

he him his

Then, click the “update individual” button and you’ll see those pronouns reflected within the contact’s Basic Information area:

adam adams pronouns

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