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Release Note Focus: Redtail has rolled out a completely new version of Imaging today!

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We’re so happy to let you know that a brand-new version of Redtail Imaging, our electronic document storage solution, is now available! It is available as a standalone solution, while also offering integration with Redtail CRM for those who subscribe to both.

Below are some of the updates you’ll find in our new version of Redtail Imaging:

  • Previous versions of Imaging were reliant on Retriever for Imaging for bulk upload of files or folders from your desktop; because of this limitation, Imaging was largely a PC-only application. We’ve done away with any need for Retriever for Imaging — bulk upload and download are now available right from within the web-app.
  • Two licensing structures are now available: a Basic Plan that offers up to 200GB of storage for $75 per month or a Pro Plan that offers up to 1TB of storage for $150 per month. Previously, there was one pricing plan for Imaging, offering up to 10GB of storage for $49 a month.
  • An overhauled, modern user interface that is much easier to navigate and interact with.
  • We’ve eliminated Libraries. You now have one root folder from which to initiate your desired folder structure in Imaging.
  • We’ve added an Archive for Imaging accounts. In previous versions of Imaging, to remove a file or folder from your database required deletion, and you would have to contact Redtail to have your deleted items restored. Now, when you no longer want a file or folder in your Imaging database you archive it instead (which allows you to restore it on your own later if the need arises).

We’re confident our new version of Redtail Imaging will help you streamline your document management process while also helping you meet your compliance requirements in regard to document storage.

Further links to get you up and running with Redtail’s new Imaging solution (for new Imaging users or for existing users migrating over to the new solution):

If you’re interested in learning more, please contact our Sales Team at 800-206-5030 opt. 2 or online. You can also learn more here.


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