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Release Note Focus: Redtail Imaging’s New Folder Sharing Feature

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Your Documents, Your Control, Your Access

We are thrilled to introduce a highly anticipated Redtail Imaging feature that will transform the way you manage your documents: Folder Sharing*. This exciting feature allows you to specify who can access folders within Imaging, providing you with enhanced control and security.

Feature Highlights

  • Individual or Team Sharing: You have the flexibility to share folders with individual users within your database or entire teams. If CRM integrated, Imaging references the list of teams from your CRM.
  • Admin and Non-Admin Users Can Share Folders: Whether you’re an admin or a non-admin user, you can share folders in Imaging effectively granting or denying access to its contents.
  • Share Settings Apply to an Entire Folder: Folder sharing applies at the folder level, not to individual files within a folder. This means you can control who sees the entire contents of a folder.
  • Folder Sharing in Imaging is Not Related to CRM Contact Permissions: Sharing folders in Imaging is separate from CRM contact permissions, ensuring that your document organization remains distinct from your CRM settings.

Redtail Imaging’s folder sharing feature empowers you to choose which members of your organization can access certain document folders. By granting or restricting access to specific folders, you can ensure that sensitive documents remain confidential, while allowing your team to collaborate seamlessly. Whether you’re an admin or a non-admin member, this feature puts you in the driver’s seat!

To learn how to use this feature, check out our helpdesk article for step-by-step instructions.

*Feature only available for users of Redtail Imaging 2.0.


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