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Release Note Focus: Redtail Speak now offers Broadcast Messaging

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We are pleased to announce that one of the top requests of Redtail Speak subscribers is now available on the platform. You now have the ability to send one text message to multiple clients (bulk text messaging) which displays as an individual text message for each recipient. This new functionality is called Broadcast Texts and you can learn more about how to use it here. Along with this capability we have also introduced the feature to bulk invite your contacts to text with you (again, displaying as an individual message for each recipient).

If you aren’t a subscriber and would like to learn more about Redtail Speak, it offers a compliant way for you to text message your clients and collaborate with your staff in real-time and is available as a standalone texting/chat solution, while offering integration with Redtail CRM for those who subscribe to both solutions.

With texting now an everyday part of every generation’s lives, incorporating a texting solution into your practice as a financial advisor allows you to solidify your client relationships through more effective engagement and improved communications. Speak also empowers your team to communicate directly with each other by providing team members with access to the same communication threads, which helps to eliminate bottlenecks while also documenting important internal conversations.

In addition to the new Broadcast Texting feature, below are some of the updates introduced when we rolled out our new version Redtail Speak early in 2022:

  • the ability to schedule your messages for delivery at a later date/time:
  • the ability to create Message Templates to streamline creation/delivery of commonly sent messages of a similar nature:
  • the ability to customize individual users’ texting Invite Message to your clients:
  • the option to set Out of Office messages for defined periods
  • a completely new user interface accessed via browser tab rather than as a pull-out module within Redtail CRM
  • access for non-Redtail CRM users; integration with Redtail CRM for those who are CRM subscribers
  • a new app to make communications on-the-go even easier
  • flexible pricing based upon your needs
  • a trial version to determine if Redtail Speak will meet the needs of your office

And, just as with the prior versions of Redtail Speak:

  • enjoy secure texting with your clients
  • everything that is sent through Speak is automatically archived—everything is searchable. Institution-level searching is also available.
  • you can send and receive attachments—images, Office files, etc. View images inline, with no need to download.
  • you have unlimited channels for group team chats and unlimited private direct messaging for one-on-one conversations with other team members
  • expect full emoji support

We’re confident Redtail Speak will help you improve your overall client experience by allowing you to meet your clients where they live in terms of preferred communication channels.

If you’re interested in learning more, contact our Sales Team at 800-206-5030 opt. 2 or online for a live demo and join us for our weekly “Redtail Speak Overview” webinar, where we cover Speak in much greater detail. You can also read more about Speak here.

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