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Release Note Focus: Two new Redtail Speak features now available

Category: Release Notes
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We’re rolling out two updates to the Redtail Speak platform today: 1) an allowance for incoming text messages (without an invite) and 2) a Call Forwarding option for Pro level Speak accounts.

Incoming Text Messages

While everyone you engage with via text using Speak must receive and accept a Speak Invite Message from you, your clients and prospects can now initiate that process by sending a message to the telephone number you’ve designated as your Speak number. You’ll still need to respond with, and they’ll still need to accept, your Invite Message when you receive these first incoming messages from them, but this new functionality allows you to begin advertising the phone number you use for Redtail Speak. This, in turn, allows your clients and prospects to begin taking advantage of the opportunity to contact you via this communication channel prior to your reaching out to them via text. More details are available here.

Call Forwarding

If you have a Pro-level subscription to Redtail Speak, you now have access to Call Forwarding. This means that you can set your Speak account up so that if one of your recipients attempts to call the telephone number assigned to your Speak account, their phone call will be routed instead to the phone number you’ve indicated in your settings, since Speak numbers will only receive texts. More details on Call Forwarding are available here.


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